Kilrathi RPG Expansion Bases Completed Update ID

After six weeks of powering through base creation, capi3101 has finished creation of the specific places that populate the sixty-some star systems of the Elegy of Sivar RPG module. Each location got a name and set of commodities available, but they also got even more detailed info such as amenities on site, corporate affiliations, Kilrathi clan representation and plenty of fictional back story. The next task capi's going to tackle will probably revolve around data tables that document the chance of encountering various enemies at each place. It doesn't sound too complicated at first, but there's discussion now on how the chance of running into certain enemies might change at different points in the timeline.
Bases are done!

Next on the agenda for the Epsilon Sector campaign setting is encounter tables. First step there is to finalize the capabilities of the various factions in the Sector in terms of ships and fighters. For the tables themselves, I'm thinking that each one needs to include a set of possibilities on either a d10 or d% roll, with a different set of outcomes at each nav point in a given system. This will make things work like they did in Privateer; each nav point had a fixed set of possible outcomes (a set of ships and the skill levels of their pilots) and a percent-chance of a particular outcome (and therefore a particular encounter) occurring. Leaning towards using the d10; though the d% would give me a much larger set of possible outcomes, it'd mean more work for me. That's not set in stone yet.

I had the thought last night to add a series of tables for various time frames in Epsilon, specifically a time frame from 2680-2700. Given that I'd have to adjust the communities over that time for the massive influx of refugees they'd receive (and lose) and the new dilemmas they'd face (a little thing called the Nephilim War), that'd add a hell of a lot more work. I think what I'll do instead is add an "adjustment factor" rule for those who want to play the campaign setting during the Nephilim War years (which basically would override the encounter tables with an initial chance to have an encounter with the Nephilim) and come up with a set of adjustments for the bases (they'd all receive the "Plagued" complication for a time - I'm looking forward to coming up with a set of effects for the Green Plague - and I'm sure some of them would be quarantined for periods of time; some of them might get wiped off the map by the Nephilim - Decatur Station and Marcinko Station, the other two Halseys I've put in Epsilon, immediately come to mind).

I've come to realize that there's going to have to be a lot more to the Elegy campaign than just the Epsilon Sector data; I'm going to be re-organizing that part of the wiki site some time in the coming weeks. I imagine the Epsilon Sector data will move to a new page when that happens. It'll all still be accessible for y'all's perusing, but I wanted to give y'all a heads-up on that before I did it.

Art by Charles Workman.

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