RPG Campaigns Get Upgraded While Kilrathi Addon Simmers Update ID

There's a few new updates to share relating to capi's Wing Commander RPG. His Kilrathi expansion campaign has been on the backburner a little but, but all prior campaigns, including Vespus, Prelude to Goddard and Enyo have each gotten proofreading updates. These are available on Lulu. Work does continue on the "Elegy of Sivar" module, particularly surrounding the Epsilon Sector map and logistics of the Kilrathi Demon's Eye Pack, but capi has another exciting project he'll been launching soon...
I started a discussion thread for Elegy earlier this week. As I mentioned in that thread, my intent with it is to do a full-blown campaign setting, and to that end I got some very preliminary work done on system maps for Epsilon Sector. This mainly involved using the Nav Map creation procedure in Chapter 10.2.2 of the core rules for all systems in Epsilon to generate positions and dispositions of jump points, ambush points and bases. I still need to overlay the information that's known about the Sector over this machine-generated data but once that's done I'll have a clearer picture of how things stand there, which will help with logistical decisions such as figuring out what system the Demon's Eye Pack will be based out of. I think once I've got the nav data down I'll focus on prices for commodities in the Sector at various bases. I had considered doing something similar to what appears to be happening in Star Citizen, where you can land at more than one point on a planetary base and each point has a different set of characteristics. It certainly makes sense to do something of that nature. Work on the campaign's setting is continuing, albeit slowly for the time being.

I've got another WC side project going on at the moment, which I'm going to keep under wraps for right now. It's helping me to develop some newly found skills a little better. Hopefully I'll get to surprise y'all with it in the near future...

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