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Well, you'd still have to clean up that stuff, and we're talking about an effort on a global scale in the middle of a war, in an area that becomes part of the front lines within fifteen years of the event. And everything there would've been crushed to death - never mind the structural failure of the buildings, the people there would've hit the ground instantly with a force of 127 gees upon the weapon's impact (IIRC). You'd have to have some pretty resilient lifeforms to survive that; the average human being couldn't.

And yet, this is the 27th century we're talking about. Perhaps a planetary cleanup wouldn't take all that long. I'm still inclined to go with a space station.

And then on the other hand, I have Quarto.......

A starbase in orbit wouldn't be out of the question though you have to wonder if there was time/resources to build one after the Kilrathi incursion.

Might be more cost-effective for Confed to have assets on planet since the biosphere is already habitable. You raise a good point of whether or not Confed had the ability to even contemplate disaster cleanup of this scale. I suspect anything after Confed finished their surveys that the civilian government may, as populaces tend to do, intervene. Public and private concerns are likely all over the place.

My two cents.
There was something there in the period immediately following the Battle of Earth - in Voices of War, the unidentified commander of Lexington receives orders to report to Goddard transfer station to commence that ship's mission (WC Armada, of course). The confusion I have there is the words "transfer station"; the Confederation Handbook... well, here:

Planets (and other small, variable stellar objects) give jump lines their curve -- their gravity curves the physical jump tunnels, which would otherwise be perfectly straight. Planets (and moons) also cause equipotential eclipsing -- the temporary blocking of a jump line and creation of a transfer station. Ironically, this only occurs because jump lines are curved; theoretical straight lines would not be affected in this manner.

So I can't tell if a transfer station is referring to a physical location or if it's using this other definition in this case. It'd be helpful to talk to whoever wrote Voices of War to know what they were thinking.

If there was a rebuilding response from the civilian government (aside from ordering Tiger's Claw on a suicide mission), I'd wager good money it was delayed and only implemented after outcry from the families of those affected #sandy #katrina...
I say that - the attack on Goddard has more in common with September 11th. There may have been an immediate pledge to rebuild.
My wife suggested a orbital terraforming station. That actually made a lot of sense to me - a terraforming station would be "complete with self-sufficient oxygen planetariums, water-producing modules and greenhouse gardens" (VOW, p. 16). A carrier like Lexington could be built in the vicinity of the station without raising any suspicions...it'd all look like supplies for the station. And the planet itself would still be capable of supporting life; there would be some hellish cleanup to do, of course. I imagine getting importing some flora and fauna down to re-start the oxygen cycle could be done relatively easily and quickly; a support station would make that effort easier. So, what do y'all think?
Alright - I've just gotten done with some pretty heavy labor involving planet building. I'm reasonably satisfied with the results in most cases, though there are some things that will need to be tweaked (apparently Circe V has a population of 100 and Pasqual X's atmosphere isn't breathable). I can now definitively say that there will be 86 bases total in Elegy, with some of them located on the same planet (for example, Firekka alone will contain four - these will be major cities on the planet's surface, of course).

So I've got my next problem: finding names for everything. I've got a total of 24 outposts/planets that need names, and on top of that I have 59 specific communities that need names. I figured this one is one I could toss to the community - have you ever wanted to name a place in the Wing Commander universe? Well, here's a chance. I need all kinds of names - Terran, Kilrathi, Firekkan, any others that you might want to throw out there, I can use it. I'll mention those who help out in the game's credits. If anyone's interested, just post to this thread.
Good name. My early favorites of where to put it are on Granita in the Granita system or Odell in Antares. Do you have a preference between these two, or did you have a specific system in mind?

I still got a lot of wide-open space in Antares Quadrant. I've also got two unnamed communities in the Deneb system; the rest of Deneb Quadrant is taken at this point. There's also the UBW systems in Sa'Khan Quadrant. Tr'L Rass Quadrant is wholly Kilrathi territory, so probably shouldn't put it there.
Had another thought this afternoon - should there be more Halsey-type starbases in Epsilon? It's 2680 in Elegy, so the Nephilim have not yet come on the scene. I had originally planned for just Farragut Station, but I don't see any reason why there wouldn't be more; quite the opposite, in fact.

Went ahead and picked out names for the other bases this afternoon; also gave them their sequence number. Perry is number five, of course; Halsey is probably number one. Rolled out the sequence for the others - would anybody have a problem with Farragut being number seven?

Placement is another matter. From Perry, it seems like Confed was placing these bases along the border with the Kilrathi, but not necessarily right along the border (more like a system or two back). I used that same rationale when I was trying to select what system to place Farragut in; I ultimately settled on Veronica. I figured Halsey would probably be the replacement for Alexandria over McAuliffe. Any thoughts on where the others might be?
Some name suggestions, they all come from my younger years when I would make up a bunch of systems and space craft for fun. Feel free to use any you might like :)

Rara Aqua
K'Tikthar Nor
Zire Barok
That's a good-sized list; were any of those names specifically Kilrathi, Terran or Firekkan?

@Silent Hunter - Granita it is then. I'll have to let you know what kind of a town it turned out to be...
Most of those would be have been Confed/Terran. It's been years and years since I did any of that stuff. I'd say most if not all the ones with a ' in it would have been Kilrathi. Like I said though, if any strike out at you, feel free to use them however you want :)
Still coming up with place names; today I'm delving into the wonderful world of toponymy for the first time. Goal is naming Kilrathi communities, of course. I had done some work with the subject when I was working with the Who's Who in the Core Rules, but I'm delving a bit deeper this time around.

I'm finding the limited Kilrathi vocabulary a tricky thing to deal with. For example, in all the "literature" I've seen so far, I have yet to see a Kilrathi word for "ash", "volcano" or "earthquake"; these would be concepts with which they'd be quite familiar. I've also seen an augmentive in their language ("kal", as in the difference between "shintahr" and "kal shintahr"), but not a diminuative. And there seems to be no word for "new". I have found a few useful words (like "brajakh" for fortress, "garga" for blood, "qith'rak" for blade, and so on) that I can equate to other words ("brajakh" can easily be equated to "-ville", intensifying it to "kal brajakh" could be equated to "fort" like in "Ft. Worth", etc). Still, I'd like a little more variety.

Does anybody know of any attempt to improve the Kilrathi vocabulary at all? I came across this just a while ago; haven't had opportunity to delve into it yet, but it looks promising.
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Actually, that link proved to be extaordinarily helpful. Aside from using "Garga" for "blood" instead of "Ka'", the names I'd come up with largely have the meaning I thought they did. Had a good afternoon; I've only got 17 more place names to fill in at this point - 12 Kilrathi and 5 Terran. I'll likely finish up this effort tomorrow; I'll take suggestions for names right up to the end, though.
Is anybody interested in continuing the conversation from the "Dissecting the Kilrathi Language" thread at all? I keep on finding the need for additional Kilrathi words as I delve deeper into their part of the Epsilon Sector.
IIRC, I read this once in a Stephen King Novel (don't remember, which one):
"Hell's half acre"
I think it would make a good "inofficial" name for some trouble spot...
Good name. Going to have to figure out how to translate that into Kilrathi...

There is a known Kilrathi word for hell (an equivalency anyway) and there is a word for a unit of measure (for length anyway), so it's within the realm of possibilities.
@Silent Hunter - Granita it is then. I'll have to let you know what kind of a town it turned out to be...

Finished it up just a little bit ago. Here's how it turned out:
  • Granita (PSC 22 Liquid Planet, Population: 1,922,000, M1V Primary (M8V Secondary) / 0.269 AU Distant, Density 0.9 Earth, Volume 1.25*1022 m3, Radius 14,397.06 km, Mass 6.20*1025 kg (10.39 Earths), Surface Gravity 2.04 G, Orbital Period 60.02 Earth days, Sidereal Rotation Period 1,440.53 hr / Retrograde Rotation, Axial Tilt 6°, Atmosphere (Thick): Nitrogen/Oxygen, Hydrosphere (77%): Water, Lithosphere (100%): Borax/Magnesium/Halite, Biodensity 45%, Categorical Temperature: Temperate to Searing, Moderate Vulcanism/Moderate Seismicity/Moderate Global Weather).
    • Ametistgrad (Population: 43,534 (Large Town); 78.55% Terran (UBW), 9.42% Kilrathi, 12.03% Other; Government: Autocrat (Town Mayor); ECON +10; CLTR +5; ORDR -20; INFO +5; CRPT +10; Qualities: Asocial, Liberal, Tourist Trap (Ametist Brewery); Item Limit: 19/¤3,900; Buy-Back Limit: ¤16,520; Meals: Moderate Quality; Lodging: 3-Star; Medical: None; Repairs: None; Major NPCs: 1/600, 7/500, 14/200, 28/100; Lifeform Encounter Modifier: -15).
      • Guild Offices: Merchants Guild, Mercenaries Guild
      • Corporate Offices: Broken Claw Agency, AMQ Research, Paulsen Kinetics
      • Outfitters: Clothing/Containers, Comestibles, Scanners/Computer Technologies, Weapon Accessories/Ammo/Batteries
      • Other Facilities: Bank
      • Kilrathi Clan Representation: nar Caxki, nar Qarg, nar Kur'u'tak, nar Kiranka, nar Raghitagha, nar Sihkag.
      • Transportation Available: Low Quality
      • Available Commodities at Campaign Onset:
        • Luxury Foods - ¤79, 27 units
        • Liquor - ¤42, 111 units
        • Pets - ¤101, 20 units
The planet's kinduva lousy place to live - one of those tide-locked Twi'lek jobs where the gravity is high and the atmo is thick, probably situated in the planet's twilight zone without much seasonal temperature variation. The high borax content of the soil would act as a natural anti-fungal and it would probably give the food a firm, rubbery texture (Granita came up as an Agricultural World). Not a lot of fauna, but not too little either. The town itself has a semi-famous brewery (think Eskimo Joe's) which boosts its economy; the liberal attitude of the people has lead to fewer local laws and folks there tend to keep their problems to themselves. There are just over 4,100 Kilrathi residents with representatives from six different clans (including the potentially explosive combination of nar Qarg, nar Raghitagha and nar Sihkag; the presence of the local Broken Claw Agency office has probably prevented overt violence - a good thing, given the lack of local medical facilities).

Some of the data I'm not quite sure how I'm going to incorporate into the setting. Presumably you can go into the corporate offices and find work (as with the guilds - and I've added a "thieves guild" for the less reputable, such as our dear friend Bloodeye). I've also considered having them available as targets - the infamous Bronte/Rondell rivalry comes to mind (and both of them are corporations active in Epsilon). The outfitters correspond to the general equipment lists in Chapter 5.4 of the core rules; there are also weapons merchants and armorers that correspond to the lists in 5.2 and 5.3, but Ametistgrad didn't wind up with any of those. The rest should be self-explanatory but I'll elaborate if anyone's got questions.

EDIT: Ryloth - that's the homeworld of the Twi'leks...had to look that up. I should've remembered that; shame on me.
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