Kilrathi RPG Campaign Accepting Names for Frontier Outposts Update ID

Work on the Kilrathi campaign for capi3101's Wing Commander RPG continues to advance. There's been some exploration of a Firekkan role in Elegy of Sivar, but the bulk of the work in late September and early October involved digitizing the 60 star systems planned for the game. There's also been a lot of discussion on what became of the Goddard planet after the Sivar's historic attack. With star systems and planets at a high level largely established, filling out the detail of what goes on at each of these locations is coming up next. With so many cool places laid down, capi is giving fellow fans the opportunity to name a few. Submissions for Terran, Kilrathi, Firekkan and more are welcome at the CIC Forums here!
This week I continued with my efforts to get the Epsilon Sector campaign setting ready for Elegy (the campaign setting material will be acting as the "front half" of the campaign this time around, with the Elegy story and missions making up the "back half"). At the moment, that means manufacturing system maps. I didn't have an outstanding VASSAL mod competing for my time this week, so I was able to pick up work there in earnest, completing maps at a rate of four per day.

I've been working on calculating distances between various nav points and I can report that effort as current for all systems. I'm still a little up in the air over what information will be included with each system, but I have settled on system affiliation, history, bases/cities and facilities data, population and demographics data, commodities data and random encounter probabilities at the various nav points. For planets, I intend to put in their planetary characteristics. If I add any other data, it might be prominent citizenry and/or potential missions within a system. The whole idea behind adding all this information is, of course, for players to not necessarily have to play the Elegy campaign if they don't want to, but still be able to use the information to play a different campaign set in Epsilon during the same time period (Epsilon during the 2690 Nephilim onslaught might be an interesting BSG-esque tale...).

I've just gotten done with some pretty heavy labor involving planet building. I'm reasonably satisfied with the results in most cases, though there are some things that will need to be tweaked (apparently Circe V has a population of 100 and Pasqual X's atmosphere isn't breathable). I can now definitively say that there will be 86 bases total in Elegy, with some of them located on the same planet (for example, Firekka alone will contain four - these will be major cities on the planet's surface, of course).

So I've got my next problem: finding names for everything. I've got a total of 24 outposts/planets that need names, and on top of that I have 59 specific communities that need names. I figured this one is one I could toss to the community - have you ever wanted to name a place in the Wing Commander universe? Well, here's a chance. I need all kinds of names - Terran, Kilrathi, Firekkan, any others that you might want to throw out there, I can use it. I'll mention those who help out in the game's credits. If anyone's interested, just post to this thread.

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