From: The Tree-Fellas Update ID

We have cargo ships full of lumber that have just left Karatikus which are set to be delivered to the space station Dexros. The trouble is that we could only find two pilots willing to fly escort. Jincilla pirates have been seen in the area, and since they are so fanatical about the protection of trees and forests we are afraid they are planning an ambush en route. We need you to meet the cargo ship near Karatikus (Nav Point #218), and escort it to Dexros (Nav Point #155). Kill any fanatics that get in your way.

Lev is God Update ID

Ainamacar found this article in his home newspaper... it's all about how Ser Lev Arris (Clive Owen) is the best darned actor in the whole universe. But, strangely, it doesn't mention the best darned sequel to Privateer in the whole universe -- Privateer 2.

SWC Videos #1 and #2 Revisited Update ID

Because of some weirdness that occurred during encoding, the SWC clips are all running at half speed. I've corrected this to the best of my abilities (...) for the videos we put up yesterday and the day before. #2 is fine now, and #1 is too - except that the audio stops halfway through. This is something that can only be fixed by re-capturing the clip, something LOAF might do when he returns from DragonCon.

For now, you can grab #1 (the intro) here and #2 (the shuttle landing) here.

SWC Video #3 Update ID

Here's our third SWC video feature -- the takeoff scene. Warning: it's quite terrifying to anyone familiar with any other Wing Commander launch sequence. But fans of Space: Above and Beyond and giant metal suits will feel right at home... here!

From: Finbhar Cratchett, Orphanage Director, Anhur. Update ID

There is a cargo ship at Nav Poitn #12 that contains cybernetic limbs for children at my orphanage. The escort I hired has abandoned it, taking the credits I foolishly paid them in advance. Please would anyone out there take over the escort and ensure the cargo makes it to the space station at Nav Point #142 where they can be repaired so that my little ones can walk again. You will be credited on completion of the mission.

JumpGate In Update ID

Death reports that Jumpgate, the game that was (and is) almost Privateer Online, will go into release on September 24th. Definitely something more Wing Commander fans should consider getting into...

SWC Video #2 Update ID

Here's a second DivX'd SWC video for you all -- the shuttle landing sequence that occurs just after the intro. Note the shuttle, ripped directly from Bioforge! Get it here.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

The CIS command seeks expert combat pilots to aid in the defence of military transports. Proceed to Nav Point 149 and defend all military vessels from the pirate forces present so that they can enter hyperspace safely.

SWC Video #1 Update ID

Hades and I have recorded and DivX'd some scenes from Super Wing Commander, the rare 3DO/Mac only version of Wing Commander 1! Firstup is the intro: grab it here (2 megs).

And We're Off... Update ID

To DragonCon! Hades, Joe, Paula and I have hit the road, and we'll be (hopefully) updating from there as soon as possible -- but we've left some entertaining things here for you all to play with. See you at DC!

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

The CIS seek pilots with good combat skills to aid a convoy of injured civilians at Nav #122. You are required to intercept and identify a suspicious convoy transporting wounded from a recent skirmish on Terrel. Check all ships in the convoy. Destroy any ships carrying contraband.

Prize Winners! Update ID

And now, the moment you've all been waiting a remarkably long amount of time for -- when we announce the winners of the absentee CIC birthday prize thing! And they are...

Brandon Larson and Asher Cross!

Congrats to all who played.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

The CIS command seeks an expert stealth pilot to take on a sabotage situation. It appears that a vital CIS communications satellite has ceased to respond. Reports are sketchy at the moment, but it is believed that it is the target of a terrorist attack and a bomb may have been placed on board. We have a disarming device that can be used on the bomb if you manage to tractor the unit in. Be careful there may be a time limit on the device. DO NOT at all costs destroy the satellite or lasertowers. If you decide to take this mission proceed to Nav Point 149.

Lost Fiction Archived Update ID

Thanks to Chris, we also located the second piece of lost Secret Ops fiction. This was mistakenly posted to by Boomer about two months before SO was released... and he asked everyone to disregard it, since it spoiled the game. Oddly, the topics brought up in the e-mail never really appeared in the game. Here it is, for posterity:
From Confed Intel. *Security Channel Only*

Channel open

All intelligence analysis lead us to believe the Aliens entered in our system to look for some specific object or technology. The military incursion was only a diversion. This is evidenced by the fact all after-action battle reports clearly indicate that loss of life or equipment (to include capital ships) meant nothing to the hive. Of greater importance to the Aliens was the mission to locate the object.

Further, post encounter analysis of their collective behavorial attributes indicate the location of the subject of their mission was indeed discovered

It is therefore expected we may be witnessing the emergence of a secondary wormhole likely constructed during (or prior) to the recent encounter to ensure the delivery of the artifact.

Summary: The most alarming aspect of the post-encounter analysis is that even though in each case we won the battle it appears they did succeed in their ultimate goal.

It is then imperative we clearly understand all of our knowledge of the Bugs is thus far based on pure speculation. Their true motivations are not explained solely by their invasion.

Channel closed

The Poland/Tangy Conspiracy! Update ID

If you've been around forever (since October 13th, 1998), you may remember this unusual difference of images from the original Secret Ops release and the Prophecy Gold site...

By comparing the Flash and HTML versions of the Secret Ops site, Hades and I discovered something else... this thing goes deeper than we can imagine!

WCM Update Update ID

Bloodfang was kind enough to forward us a pair of screenshots from the upcoming Wing Commander Marines project. Check out the Hellcat V and a new level screenshot... Bloodfang further reports that he's been working hard on coding, and that the Kilrathi AI is currently on his plate.

Lucky Thirteen Update ID

DRAsvitt is back... and he's been hard at work! Check out these thirteen Wing Commander ships he created... and for good measure, the new (old?) USS Enterprise is there, too.

From: Bennets Freight Lines Update ID

A member of the Tri-System Shipping Corporation; Bennets Freight Lines seek hardened combat pilots to defend shipments from the Kindred. Presently we have a problem with Kindred forces at Nav Point 149. We have acquired clearance for you to defend the convoy and eliminate any Kindred forces present.

DC Reminder Update ID

If you haven't sent me a DragonCon flyer (and you want to), you'd darn well better do it soon -- they need to be in my mailbox by tomorrow morning! Promote those fan projects, people...

Your Brother May Be Missing, But His Crap Sure Isn't Update ID

Despite the noticable lack of Ultima Online 2 (Worlds of Ultima Online: Online Ultima Worlds), Pocket Books has gone ahead and published the first of three planned UO2 novels... it's either called "The Technocrat War" or "Machinations" -- but I couldn't figure out for sure from the cover or the back. It's an interesting oddity (which Joe Garrity showed us) -- but unfortunately it seems destined to be forgotten along with Origin's other mass market tie-ins: Cybermage the comic book, Shadowcaster brand shampoo and the Wing Commander Movie. Available wherever books are sold!

UE Update Update ID

Unknown Enemy is looking for a few good voices -- head over here to find out you can apply to voice a character in the upcoming Secret Ops TC. They've also posted two new screenshots: a UBW Bearcat (?) and a cut-scene that involves a Gratha...

Trivia Reminder Update ID

Hey, remember trivia? Of course you do! It always had such great questions, like "Who was either Wing Commander or Commanding Officer aboard both the TCS Tiger's Claw and TCS Concordia?" and "Who was either Wing Commander or Commanding Officer aboard both the BWS Intrepid and TCS Midway?"... well, now you can relive it all by making sure that your answers are submitted to Chris by midnight tonight. New questions will be posted on Monday!

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

A CIS destroyer has either been captured or a significant number of her crew have mutinied. Either way, she is now under Kindred control. As you can well imagine, this is a totally unacceptable situation. We are looking for qualify mercenary pilots to participate in a strike against the destroyed and whatever Kindred ships are present at Nav Point 149. After the Destroyer has been eliminated retrieve the Black box recorder and take it to the CIS ship 'Smithers' docked off the shoulder of Hades.

Help Us Saving Update ID

You've all heard the story by now -- was bought by a porn site after the domain name expired (actually, it's a fairly tame porn site). Anyway, this meant that the universe was deprived of a pretty darned cool web site (ripped off by thousands) and a big chunk of nostalgia.

So Hades and I got to work -- we looked up the IP's of a bunch of Electronic Arts sites and started wandering through them... our odyssey found some interesting things -- like the original UO Beta page -- and we eventually found the missing Prophecy site: With some help from Chris Reid's snake and a whole lot of Getrighting, source viewing and filename guessing we rescued the whole darned thing.

And now we want to mirror it online here.

Unfortunately, EA's RealMedia server,, was removed some years back -- meaning that the site we rescued was missing the movie clips it had at launch. So the question is: did anyone save the RealMovies at the Prophecy site? Here's a list...


And that, dear readers, is how we spent our Friday evening.

From: Selim Mining Ind. Update ID

Recent exploration of the uppermost layer of Karatikus have yielded some potentially lifesaving sticky extracts from the ubiquitous caves. Early experiments indicate its use in micropore surgery of the retina, it also appears to have a reversing effect on the brain wasting disease; Mangi. More importantly than this, it has the uncanny ability to remove lipstick from pint glasses. This feature alone could make it a major import to the planet Crius, as this has been a persistant ightmare that has haunted the owners of nurses' bars for many years. See diary for further confidential information.

Wing 1 CD Update Update ID

LeHah reports that The Fatman may have found an artist for the Wing Commander Music CD -- and you can find samples of his work here and here. And here's some general info on the CD...

1. something that at first glance appears to be officially released by Origin, but at second guess _clearly_ isn't.
2. It should say "VENERABLE" as in "this was the first decent orchestral soundtrack EVER for a game."
3. It should tell the viewer that this thing is GRAMMY BAIT.
4. Texan, Fat, and Funny

Hmmm, which brings up the interesting topic of brainstorming for album titles:

Music from the first Wing Commander Game

Other dumb ideas:

I'm Going In
Solo Flight
The Hair Beneath my Wings
Even the Music Crashes
A Soundcard Is Born
Flight of the Ego
Love it, it's Govett
that kind of thing

all of which would be followed by the subtitle music from the PC game Wing Commander I

From: Brook & Pelig Mining Inc. Update ID

The Brook & Pelig Mining Consortium is being attacked by Kindred ships. Already some of their cargo ships have been destroyed. Proceed to Nav Point 149 and defend them from the Kindred forces present. You are also required to pick up any survivors and the valuable cargo pods they may have with them.

A Brave New World Update ID

Today marks the first test of the CIC's internally developed news posting program -- designed by Kris, it'll eliminate the need for a lot messy FTP transfers and generally make it easier to update the site. Progress!

Happy Confederation Day Update ID

Here's to the negative 415th anniversary of the founding of the Terran Confederation (and, of course, the anniversary of the McAuliffe Ambush)! Break out the fireworks...

From: The New Crius Examiner Update ID

The New Crius Examiner is hoping to run an exclusive report on a secret Military Dreadnought and its activities. Up until now very little has been known of its capabilities but our sources have sighted it at Nav Point 149. We are looking for swift pilots to identify the vessel and its fleet; capturing images and information for our report. Top credits are paid for exclusive information.

Beats Twenty! Update ID

J. Crafts reports that the October issue of PC Gamer includes another one of those "X Greatest Games of All Time" articles... where, in this case, X equals 50. Anyhow, Wing Commander scored a respectable 19th place. If anyone out there has a copy of the magazine and wants to send in a transcript of Wing Commander's blurb, we'd be glad to post it!

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

The CIS command seeks highly qualified, disciplined pilots to conduct a reconnaissance mission on a civilian convoy at Nav Point 149. Intercept and identify the convoy suspected of transporting contraband items. Due to the extremely unstable nature of the warring factions it is imperative that you destroy any ships carrying weapons and confiscate the cargo.

DragonCon Redux Update ID

Since we've gotten a lot of questions about our offer to advertise fan projects at our DragonCon booth, I'm posting this more specific article...

Any Wing Commander fan project, club, web site, etc. may send us a single-page advertisement to be distributed at our DC table. Further, since we're partnered with the Origin Museum on this adventure, any such project that is Origin related will be accepted.

The advertisements will be in black & white, on the color paper of your choosing. It doesn't cost money -- we're doing this to promote Wing Commander. Advertisements shouldn't be obscene, and we reserve the right to correct spelling errors.

All sheets must be sent to by Friday so they can be reproduced in time for DragonCon (held on Labor Day weekend).

We'll post copies of everybody's material here, as well as pictures and reports from DC! Have fun with this!

From: Krazy_Kartlin Weapons Emporium Update ID

Some say 'Peace is achieved through disarmament.' Some say 'Peace is achieved through deterrent.' Krazy Kartlin says 'If it moves, SHOOT IT!'

Krazy Kartlins' Elite Weapons Emproium are having problems with their customers: namely not paying. We don't like to deal with the CIS as our slate is somewhat tarnished; we prefer to deal with it ourselves. Are you a Hellraiser of a pilot? We offer good money for a keen eye and plenty of firepower. We need you to rendezvous with freighter Pala-Tine at NAV 132 and escort her to safety aboard ES:Sarama.

Help Them Wing It Update ID

The folks over at WingCenter.De are looking for more people to help run their project and help with construction. Interested parties can contact Obee via e-mail or at ICQ UIN: 45225812.

B5Cordia Update ID

Lorien, over at the Chat Zone, is apparently working to create a Wing Commander TC for the Babylon 5 Wars RPG. Check out his supernifty Concordia here.

WCSS In Style Update ID

Pedro_UE reports that there's an all-new shipset for the WCZone SubSpace mod! The new set, available in their downloads section, features Border Worlds ships rather than Confed craft.

Making Of Wing Commander IV Update ID

PredatorW has found something interesting... a 15-minute Making of Wing Commander IV segment on a promotional CD. He hopes to have it online in the near future -- but here's a screenshot to tide y'all over...

More Standoff Update ID

It wouldn't be a weekday without screenshots from Standoff... today it's an incomplete Drakhri and a Rapier that's just about finished!

Trivia 3, Week 43 Update ID

Todays trivis is the "NEW ON THE FLIGHT DECK" page in the 3DO version of Super Wing Commander's Claw Marks.

Movie Wrapup Update ID

Well, we came, we saw... the Wing Commander Movie on Sci Fi. No joy on extra scenes... but we all learned an important lesson: you can't say "balls" on the Sci Fi channel. Other than that, and the fact that it was pan-and-scanned, the movie came out pretty well on TV.

Got a Fan Project? Update ID

Want to promote your fan project? The CIC will have a table at DragonCon next week... and we'd love to help promote any and all fan projects! If you're running a project, you can create an advertisement for us to distribute at our table! Please make it something we can easily photocopy (specify what color paper and so forth), and include any helpful information on your project! Send all promotions to LOAF ASAP!.

From: Max-Foo Leisure Complex Update ID

Max-foo leisure products have recently been suffering from harassment by Papogod pirates. This situation was amplified after certain Papogod gang leaders were refused entry to the exclusive leisure complex. Assistance is required to defend the station situated at NAV 26. There have been reports of transport shuttles being attacked. You may be required to ferry any casualties to the Medical ship at Janus IV.

TC's Filler Update (Last in a Series) Update ID

TC has searched high and low (using Google) to find interesting bits of WC history. This is a chat with Ginger Lynn... we've only included the WC related questions, as the rest was very, very dirty.
Adult DVD Talk: Decker says: Ginger, I know this is non-adult related, but you had an acting role in two Wing Commander games. How did you get the part?
Ginger Lynn: I auditioned just like everyone else. The director had no idea who I before he hired me. When he did find out he said he really didn't care. I was hired for my talent as an actress. I play Rachel Coriolis in Wing Commander 3 and in part 5.

Darkmage: There's a question... did you see the Wing Commander movie?
Ginger Lynn: I did not see the Wing Commander movie. I was a bit resentful that non of the original cast were in the film.

TC's Filler Update #3 Addendum Update ID

After the Q&A in the above 3DO chat session, the Origin rep asks three questions... two of which completely stump the 3DOers. Are Wing Commander fans today smarter? Send the answers to LOAF and I'll put your name in lights.

What are the names of the two Confederation Refuelling Depots found in Scene 15 Missions 2 & 3?
The bioweapons in Series 4 mission 2 are heading for what planet?
What is Hobbes' real name?

TC's Filler Update (Third in a Series) Update ID

TC has searched high and low (using Google) to find interesting bits of WC history. This is a log of an Origin sponsored chat at the 3DO chat room on AOL in 1995. Our version is edited for clarity... you can find the full one here.
OSI: WE are really proud of Wing 3 3do and we are glad that everyone is enjoying it so Now that the cheese is out of the way, lets start with the questions! :)

ErinFritz2: When can we expect WC4 on M2 and what types of improvements will it incoporate over the awesome WCIII?
OSI: Ironicly we were just looking at the M2 technology today. But for now we are working on a opera version of the game.
Stephen3DO: for you folks that aren't familiar with the terms, Opera is the code word for the current 3DO system

LKoski: I am aware of WIng Commander III's major cost to produce and was wondering exactly how much profit do you make of each copy sold.
OSI: Lets put it this would need a fleet of dump trucks... :) Actually titles like this help us fund alot of our ventures....

ShawnRader: Will there ever be an Ultima game for the Opera, or M2? If there is I will buy it the day it's out.
OSI: That would be a cewl idea but for now we do not have any Ultima games in developement for... the 3do platform.. You never know what might happen in the future....

Philip2b: The feature of a burnt up cap. ship after destuction was not in the 3do version. why?
OSI: There were several issues including memory and time. The big issue was time.... We are working on it for Wing 4.

Mike3DO: You said you saw the M2... How good is it, and do you think you (OS) will be supporting it?
OSI: We looked at the technology today and it looked really promising... :) .. Several of our current products may be cut out perfectly for that technology... But we have not made any descisions on it yet... WE have some of our most experienced people evaluating M2 and they are very impressed...

ErinFritz2: Prowler was rumoured to be cancelled and then rumoured to be still on but put behind ... the priority of the PS version. What is the true story and if it is still on will it ... incorporate modem play? Are you looking at it for M2?
OSI: Prowler is still under developement and no final discisions have been made... Prowler technology seems ideal for M2..and currently it is under development for multiple platforms....

LKoski: Do you have any other titles in the works for the 3DO besides Prowler and Wing Commander 4?
OSI: At much as I would love to tell you more. There is nothing that we can officially talk.... about at this time....lets try to keep the discussion on Wing 3... :) Thanks...

Philip2b: Was it hard overcoming the 3do strectching of polygons?. What was the poly. diff. of the cap. ships compared with the 3do ver. and the pc version.?
OSI: The big difference was that the face count of the 3do objects had to be reduced from the PC. counterpart...
Philip2b: And was flying inside a cap. ship given any thoughts?
OSI: It was given some thought but there was not enough time to implement it properly....But we.. are looking into it for Wing 4....

SLATER DOG: How did you come up with the storyline for the WING COMMANDER series?
OSI: Chris Roberts has always been a fan of space opera... His creativity took care of the rest.....

ErinFritz2: Why were the ground levels left out? Was it because many thought those were weak levels in the PC version? Or was it due to technical problems?
OSI: The biggest thing was the time constraint. We though it was bettter to work on the space.. engine instead....And we think that they turned out pretty good.... :)

Jeff264: What's the story behind the removal of carrier landings and AI from WC3?
OSI: Again that goes back to the time constraint....we just didn't have time to implement them... Once again we thought that it would be best to focus on the playability of the space combat.

Asum: there was talk of a 'movie' movie deal, how would you guys feel bout that? do you think it would defeat the purpose of an interactive film??
OSI: Its something that we will always want to do, however we haven't figured out how to finance it yet.... Don't forget that a movie of this type would cost big big bucks...

ShawnRader: Why the hell didn't you put Mark Hammel on a exercise program/diet before you filmed the game?:-)
OSI: WE did...he lost 50 lbs.. ;) Can't you tell??

Stephen3DO: I have a question for the Origin team. Any fun stories about the filming of the game that you wish to share with us all?
OSI: Tom Wilson is absolutly hilarious... None of us were really there....Origins official guide for Wing 3 has the behind the screens. CD which contains alot of the bloobers that happened during the filming....

LKoski: I have not bought WCIII but have seen and played it on my friends computer, exactly what changes were made for the 3DO version?
OSI: recompressed movies, faster load times, Higher color of the movies (64K colors instead.... 256), The audio is 16 bit stereo and it is in dolby surround, because we were able to .... use the larger 74 minute CD capacity of the 3do format we could add footage that was not.... included in the PC version....

Asum: the ending titles look very impressive! how many people (appox) were involved in wc3? how does it compare to other games? like swc
OSI: About 200 people were involved in production of Wing 3....

ErinFritz2: Do you know if any strategy guides for the 3do version of WCIII will be published?
OSI: If time permits (Wing 4 is taking alot of the time) we might put a FAQ on the onlines and.. WEB page.....

Philip2b: Was Chris Roberts as much an influence on wc3 as he was on wc1?
OSI: He is involved with every single product that he does. He was especially excited to bring. Wing 3 to the 3DO platform and he was personally involvedin the development...

TC's Filler Update (Second in a Series) Update ID

TC has searched high and low (using Google) to find interesting bits of WC history. This is the initial announcement of the Wing Commander CCG at
Mag Force 7, Inc. will be releasing the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game. Based on the world's best-selling CD-ROM title, the Wing Commander CTCG provides all of the action of the computer title, but without the need for the computer!

Play either the Kilrathi Empire Wing Commander, launching your fighters from the Sivar's Glory, or play the TCS Victory's Wing Commander. Decks will be sold as either Terran Confederation or Kilrathi Empire, and booster packs will contain a mix of each.

Mark Hamill, the star of Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger, will be at the Mag Force 7 booth at GenCon on August 12. He'll be signing his own promo card for the Wing Commander CTCG - only 10,000 were printed. Drop by the booth, learn to play the game, and meet Mark Hamill.

Come and see us at GenCon!

Don Perrin
Mag Force 7, Inc.

"Our lives aren't worth the paper they're printed on." Tycho, Mercenary
"Knights of the Black Earth" by Weis and Perrin, May 1995 from Penguin/ROC
* Mag Force 7, Inc * Lake Geneva, Wisconsin * Mag7.Com *
* 414-245-1077 * The Capital of Games * 14400bps,N,8,1 *

TC's Filler Update (First in a Series) Update ID

TC has searched high and low (using Google) to find interesting bits of WC history. This is the first Wing Commander IV press release, posted to the Origin BBS many years ago.
The story, once again, comes from veteran Hollywood screenwriters Terry Borst and Frank DePalma, who wrote the script for Wing Commander III. In Wing Commander IV, you again play the role of Col. Christopher Blair (Hamill). The bloody war between the humans and the cat-like Kilrathi is over. But problems are beginning to crop up on a new front and this time it's in your own back yard. Civil wars and unrest have broken out in the Border Worlds. Blair is recalled to help the Terran government stamp out the growing fires. It won't be easy. Signs of decay are becoming impossible to ignore. The Confederation is beginning to splinter under the new pressures and you must determine how to save it or if it should be saved at all.

It's an ORIGIN Interactive Movie experience. Once again, the fate of the human race hangs in the balance, but remember, in this movie, you're making the calls.



And here's the Origin Museum's Joe Garrity to explain just what that means: This is an original OFFICIAL Wing Commander Hat, probably the rarest WC game artifact. In 1990, when Origin first released Wing Commander, they added a small pink flyer in the original boxes, that advertised this hat, sold only thru direct channels at Origin. The ad was pulled from the second printing of the game , and according to Origin, only 'very few' were ever sold. The Origin Museum has been researching Origin memoribilia for some time now, and we can honestly say that this is the first time we have seen a picture of one.

Fantastic Music Update #47 Update ID

Sébastien Caty has found us some new Wing Commander mp3s! They're nice organized versions of the tracks off of the Origin Audio CD Vol. I... and here they are!


Important: The Wing Commander Movie will be shown on the Sci Fi Channel tonight at 9PM EST/PST! You should absolutely watch this movie so as to allow Sci Fi to consider the license in future projects... here's the banner ad:

From: Schimell Medi-Corp. Update ID

The Schimell Medi-Corp. has provided some outstanding research in the past. Recently, however, its study of fluffy rodents has caused some alarm amongst members of the Freedom for Small Fluffly Rodents Group. This group are currently protesting at a spacestation at Nav Point 149. We require you to identify, but not harm, these protesters and their ship 'Freedom Rights'. Two terrorist fighters are also in the area and causing problems. You ahve permission to eliminate these if they persist in their destructive manner. Take the ID data to CIS Patrol Command at NAV Point #6.

A Day in the LOAF Update ID

Apologies for the lack of updates yesterday... the whole computer network where I work (Blair Witch college!) was (and presumably still is) deader than Bhaktosh Redclaw.

EA Wants You... to Sport On Update ID

Rick Salemi was nice enough to send us a report on EA recruiting straight from the SIGGRAPH conference... a computer graphics event that EA apparently sent a team of recruiters to. Here he is...
It isn't really WC related, but it gives you an idea of other things happening at EA. They had a recruitment booth here at SIGGRAPH. When compared to other booths, it was one of teh smaller ones. (You can check out a floor diagram at this URL They are in the center to the back.)

Their booth was manner by about 8-10 recruiters, who were all wearing baseball shirts that said "talent scount" on the back. Their thurst, EA sports. And they were talking about on-line sports games too. No mention of hiring for other divisions or other work. Now, that doesn't mean that they won't be involved with other projects...just that sports is this divisions top priorty now.

Just thought you folks would like to know..

Now with BSP Trees Update ID

Here's the most recent list of changes to Vega Strike... VS is pretty dashed confusing, but fun to play with. Much like Ultima VIII.
  • BSP trees now work perfectly for both line and starship collisions.
  • this means that, unlike vegastrike classic, you'll be able to fly close to the hull of a large starship, hug the deck, fly through the launch bay...
  • Any closed model (eg Midway) can only be hit by a well placed beam (no hitting if you fire between the legs of those Midway pants)
  • This also will make way for skin-tight shield effects on those large ships!
  • an optimized BSP tree generator is available that can generate trees for Vegastrike and even for prophecy.
  • this generator can minimize the size of the tree or the time it takes to search through it, using ideas inspired from the crystal space engine (
  • if anyone has any ideas how to enforce the closed-ness of a model, please let me know. Currently many of the vegastrike classic models are "open" and have gaps in them that allow you to collide, mid-space! (bad things)
  • These BSP trees are the last _major_ challenge to getting vegastrike working.
  • from here on out it's all details associated with gameplay and organization, as opposed to new algorithms I need to learn.

That's Not a Bug... Update ID

The Earth Militia project has added a features page! You can find it here. It lists... features! And here they are:
  • 2 minute intro
  • 36 missions
  • New voices
  • Ships like the Raptor, Centurion, Scimitar and the Sabre are to be flown in
  • Gemini Sector and Vukar-Tag sectors entered
  • New constantinople base mission
  • Earth militia bengal class carrier (your base)
  • 1 minute ending scene

Something to Scim Through Update ID

Rylex is back... with a special movie just for y'all! It's a nifty little scene of a Scimitar flying off into the starset... which you can download here (1 meg). Rylex reports that although he won't continue the Final Conflict project, we can look for future high detail animations at Rylex.De in the coming months!

From: Bennett's Heavy Freight Lines Update ID

Young guns required

We've got a shit load of pirates whippin' our butts between Athos and commodity station: REVA. Our only choice is to look for ptorection from some handy trigger happy pilots.

You will need to link up with our freighter at Athos and provide a safe passage to the commodity station.

Star Wars Galaxy Update ID

Nob Akimoto posted a preview shot of the Galaxy he's rendering... he reports that the X-Wing Alliance Wing Commander TC is still in the works -- for those wondering what happened to that amazing looking project.

Trailer Escapes! Update ID

Vas Gábor has ripped the Wing Commander 4 Demo trailer and converted it to DivX;-) format. The trailer should be available later tonight (he's uploading the 30 meg file)... and it'll require DivX version 3.2 (not 4). Here's a screenshot...

From: Gret Kay Entertainments Update ID

We specialise in those little pleasures! We also cater for those enormous pleasures!

The entertainment giant GRET KAY seeks able pilots to help fend off constant pirate attacks on company convoys. Those randy pirates just can't get enough.

Make contact with our convoy as it moves through Nav Point 149, and help defend them from any over eager forces present. Look after that cargo it's live and valuable. We can be very grateful employers to work for.

Six Legs Were Made For Walking Update ID

Here's the Prophecy segment from Syd Mead's Sentury... with a lot of information on the physiology of the Nephilim!
The Electronic Game production environment exploits advances in computing power to achieve 'cinematic' onscreen action and scneic reality. ORIGIN, since absorbed into Electronic Arts, was at the forefront of the game industry with the WING COMMANDER series. Combining excellent graphics, character design and adroit code scripting, the epic series became a stylistic and technical target for the entire electronic game world. I was asked to cooperate with the WCV staff in Austin, Texas in creating some of the fighting ships and characters for the alien 'enemy world. The Aliens, I thought, should incorporate a queasy level of organic growth detail which would look appropriately weird and also indicate an exotic method of manufacture. On the facing page is a fighter ship. The cross section is axially hexagonal. The 'capital ship,' above is immense in story scale, measuring avout fifty kilometers in length. The command level is at the top. The spherical front end opens in an iris-like maw that can spew out hundreds of bio-mechanical fighter ships to form a frightening attack.

Creating the alien characters for WING COMMANDER V was a challenging exercise in combining several morphologies, something I have been doing since childhood. I have always beeen fascinated, for instance, with the mythical horseman creature known as a centaur. The ALien character set had to reflect a hierarchical social and command structure. WHat more natural 'fascistic' model than the colony-mind genetic imperative so elegantly exemplified by ants, bees and wasps. The bottom social order were the solder ALiens following the 'worker bee' and the 'drone' example. A picture of the drone character is on the introduction page (135) of this section. I decided on a six-legged physiology, using the rear set as the primary weight and mobility support. Having thus established a kind of bipedal locomotion, the middle pair of legs became an additional mobility assist when rapid turning or climbing was required. The foreward set became the 'arms' with a kind of hand gesture and grasping function. THe middle hirarchy were the Lieutenants. This level had a vestigial 'royal' carapace growth at the junction of head to thorax. And the 'queen' commander class had an elaborate carapace with distinctive silhouette 'points' on either side of the carapace. To further distinguish these royal variations, only the queens had the additional identifying characteristic of carrying weaponry mountedinto the carapace plate. The Wing Commander Series was a DOS/PC game. Since I prefer the technical elemegance of the MacIntosh platform, I have never seen my designs onscreen, nor did I ever recieve any feedback from the Origin group that produced the game.

HCl Finds Lost Sounds Update ID

TC reports that HCl has made some interesting discoveries while playing with Prophecy's movie sound files. Here's his post from the WCDC board...
While i was playing with decompressing movie sounds, i think i came across a few movies that the game doesn't use (well, at least i don't remember ever seeing them). I've taken the audio with a tweaked version of MGI2WAV, and put them below so you can hear them yourself: - "That's the kind of flying..." (Casey talks to Rachel after landing) - "Either you are... " (Casey talks to Rachel after landing) - Maestro and Stiletto: seems like an alternate scene to the one where Maestro says "You know Stiletto, i've noticed by the way you ignore me that you're extremely attracted to me."


EA Sucks, Film at 11 Update ID

Frosty has sent us a transcript from the latest Computer Gaming World about how EA has ruined the world... and it talks about Privateer Online. It's great to see this sort of thing getting actual press...
Picking the Scab
More on

For the past two month I've been wondering aloud about the strange phenomenon that caused all the executives at Electronic Arts to stop taking their medications and start gibbering like lunatics exposed to some Lovecraftian horror. I've been wondering because EA seems to have created a business plan based upon first investing heavily in massively multiplayer and Internet gaming, and then firing everyone who knows anything about the subject.

I was particularly struck by the fact that Westwood, which has shown an ability to make precisely one (albeit good) game over and over again for five or six years, has been tasked with creating a new online space combat game (Earth and Beyond) from the ground up, without any brand-name recognition or proven skill at making online 3D games.

Why is this so striking? Because EA owned Origin and sacrificed the developer on its unholy altar, while Origin was at work on a Wing Commander/Privateer online game. This game was under the guidance of Any Hollis, one of the most respected names in simulation. So you have a recipe that includes a) a team with years of 3D space-combat experience, b) a company that acquired a vast store of massively multiplayer development experience the hard way, c) a producer with a shelf full of sim awards, and d) one of the three or four most lucrative game licenses in history, and you pitch it out the window in favor of a new 3D game from a company with lots of experience making tiny 2D guys walk in the wrong direction.

Ater all the effort it took to brainstorm this business plan, EA celebrated by sacking everyone at Kesmai and maybe killing a puppy or two. Oh, and by pissing away a hundred mil on a dopey Harry Potter title that will never, ever, ever earn out even if it somehow spontaneously reveals the location of the True Cross.

After reporting that story, I got word from my Deep Throat (no kidding, it was Linda Lovelace herself who tipped me off) on what happened inside What Used to be Origin. My source had this to say:

"Andy has left EA and Origin permanently. the Wing Commander massively multiplayer game never got off the ground. Eventually it turned into Privateer Online, which ultimately got canceled. Andy went to work with EA Sports on some of their products. He started to work on the Harry Potter game here at Origin, which never saw the light of day. Andy was and is very well thought of by EA and Origin. However, he just didn't want to leave Austin for opportunities EA had for him in other parts of the world. So he elected to move on and remain in Austin."
-Thomas L. McDonald

Speak of Your Toys Update ID

Here's one we unfortunately overlooked a few days back... CFF put together a Wing Commander flipit game in time for the CIC Birthday! Give it a whirl here.

What a Cat! Update ID

Bloodfang was kind enough to send us these new screenshot from Wing Commander: Marines. He reports that a test version of the mod is being worked on, and coming soon! They've added a video of the Kilrathi model at their web site! Check it out!

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID


This is an extremely confidential mission. Only true mercenaries should apply. If you accept this mission your diary will contain a full document of what we require of you.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

Our sources report Papogod warriors returning from a recent skirmish. They have been sighted at Nav Point 149 with civilian cargo ships laden with illegal drugs.

Identify all cargo ships and destroy any carrying narcotics, but exercise caution as there may be prisoners aboard some of the others; Leave these alone and we'll send in a fleet to retrieve them.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

The CIS command seeks a qualified pilot to conduct reconnaissance missions at Nav Point 149. Intercept and identify a civilian convoy suspected of transporting contraband.

Due to the sensitivity of the area they are passing through, all ships carrying Nerve Toxins or firearms must be destroyed.

From: Meek Mining Ind. Update ID

The local mining operation seeks a qualified pilot to supervise delivery of Illudium-036 ore samples.

Rendezvous with transport shuttle Marvinius near NAV200, and ensure safe passage to the commodity station Pletirat at NAV 142.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

Efficient pilots required for seek and destroy mission.

A CIS secret agent has reported that Kiowan forces are taking up a position at Nav Point 149. The report is unclear, but we have details of at least four heavy fighters docked near a transport shuttle.

You are required to destroy all pirate ships present.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

A CIS operative has learned that Jincilla forces are conducting repair operations near Nav Point 149. A transport shuttle is currently refitting at least six heavy fighters. We would like you to take out these ships, including the shuttle. The status of these fighters is unknown, they may or may not be capable of entering hyperspace.

Ensure the operation is disposed of.

Good Hunting.

From: Gaffney Medi-Corp Update ID

Due to recent pirate activity in the area, local bio-engineering firm seeks able pilot for escort duties. Rendezvous with inbound freighter near Bex (Nav Point #2) and protect the ship until it lands.

From: Baron Conrad Velder Update ID

Personal E-Mail to Ser Lev Arris.
Ser Arris, I have a situation for which I require your skills. Recently, I was involved in a fracass witha certain Count Perrymore. This culminated in a brash challenge, from which I could not back down. It turns out that this upstart cad, is a veteran at this duelling lark and unfortunately I have more pressing engagements to attend. I therefore require tyou to masquerade as me during the duel. It is to take place at Janus local space, Nav Point #3. My seconds will meet you there.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

CIS command seeks qualified pilot for important mission.

Go to Nav Point #64 wait for Chirichan deployment force to warp through the jump gate. They are there to assemble a new scrambler satellite that will allow them to control access to the jump gate. Take out the shuttles before the main task force arrives.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

The Chirichan pirate clan has managed to capture a CIS destroyer at Nav Point 149. The destroyer was responding to a distress call from a civilian convoy. We believe it is likely that the civilian convoy are also in pirate hands. We would like you to go in and identify all the ships involved, including the destroyed, if she is still present. Once we know the types and number of ships involved, we can respond accordingly.

P2 Updates Now Update ID

Everyone gets everything he wants. You wanted Privateer 2 updates, and for my sins, I gave you ten. Brought it up to you like room service. They were real choice updates, and when they were over, you never wanted another.

Cobalt Blue Update ID

Here's some scans of the blue-style Scandinavian Wing Commander DVD... although the back shows the Pilgrim Traitor, his scenes are not on the disc! (I ordered it from and it arrived very, very quickly!)

P2 Update Will Return Update ID

Uhm... it's not that I forgot or anything... it's just that... ah... look over there! (To pay you back for those missed, I'll do like ten of them on tuesday).

Privateer Music: MIDI Update ID

Wedge009 has found another interesting piece of Privateer music... it's the theme from the destruction of the Steltek Drone! For some reason, it's been missing from all the previous online packages -- but here it is (14k)!

Trivia 3, Week 42 Update ID

It's the Rapier II minus the number of stars in the McAuliffe system.

WCA Mirror, Episode 12 Update ID

Grab Wing Commander Academy Episode 12 here. This 65MB DivX of The Price of Victory will be up until Sunday. Thanks to Tye for providing the much needed bandwidth.

The Birthday Aftermath Update ID

We're still recovering from the party, but we have managed to get together a log of events. If you have a bit of time, we have the long log or as an alternative we have the slightly cut down version. Thanks to all who showed up - proof if we ever needed it that the WC community is still alive! The absentee prize-draw hasn't yet taken place but the #WingNut winners and their selected prizes are listed below. If you won a prize, please email Chris with your nickname, real name, and address as soon as possible.
  • Nep - WC Movie audio press kit
  • WildWeasel - WC Movie poster
  • Iceheart - Devereaux postcard, WCA CDs
  • TyeDyeBoy - CIC magnet, Devereaux postcard
  • No_Regret - CIC Magnet, WCA CDs
  • Wildcat - Kilrathi Pilot action figure
  • MrReaver - WCA CDs, CIC Magnet
  • Ladiesman - Blair postcard, Devereaux postcard
  • Pedro - Autographed Telep WC Novel
  • Frosty - Bag of CCGs
  • Maverick_ace - CIC Magnet, Devereaux postcard
  • Trashcan - WCA CDs, Blair postcard
  • Jibbo - Blair postcard, Devereaux postcard
  • Ghostt - Confed Handbook
  • MNelson - WCA CDs, CIC Magnet
  • Poison_Rose - WC3 EA Classic
  • Acid-Rain - WCA CDs, CIC Magnet
  • _Scrap - Freedom Flight, SNES WC1
  • Death - Any Cafepress item from our store
Thanks to MNelson for donating the audio press kit, the autographed novel, and the bag of CCGs!

Many Thanks To.. Update ID

We couldn't have done it without the supernatural efforts of all of the people listed below... and many more!
  • MNelson: For continuing to support our efforts immensely by funding A true savior of the Confederation.
  • TyeDyeBoy: For hosting Wing Commander Academy and for being a true friend.
  • Death: Staff member or not (and definitely not not), we can always rely on him.
  • Joe & Paula Garrity: For keeping the Origin dream alive.
  • Debysue Wolfcale: For helping us get the rights to Pilgrim Truth.
  • Peter Telep: For giving us the Pilgrim Truth synopsis -- the highpoint of my year.
  • Captain Johnny: Can a year go by without the help and support of Captain Johnny? I think not.
  • Chris Roberts: For creating the Wing Commander universe.
  • Trelane: For all the sexy, sexy pictures of Kerri-Lee Halkett.
  • Lord Nightwalker: One of a number of people who donated server space, time, and effort to help us this year.
  • Many People: Who report news each day and help us keep the site fresh.
  • All Of You: For sticking with Wing Commander, through what some might call dark times. We exist only to serve you all... and..
  • Descent FreeSpace: For Nothing.

Big Bunch of Ripe Bananas! Update ID

I recently went over our referral logs, and compiled a list of the most funny, twisted, and downright sick search engine queries. The strangest thing about it is not that people look for these things, but that in the process, they somehow end up at the CIC. Read it here. You must be 18 (or create a distraction for your parents)!

We Have A Winner! Update ID

The results are in and it is now time to announce the winner of the longest WC character list. The winner with a grand total of 858 names is Dralthi5. Congratulations, you win a Maniac action figure signed by the founder of X-Toys! Unfortunately the list wasn't long enough to beat LOAF's list which will be up later, but for now you can read the winning list here.

We're Lazy Gits Update ID

Running a Fan Project? We've got just the thing for you. From now on, you can run a page dedicated to your very own project right here, at! That's right, posting job offers so someone else will do all your work for you has never been easier, with our brand new CIC Fan Project Manager! Head on over to the Fan Projects section and check out some of the promising projects already featured there, or get in touch if we've overlooked your project!

Book of LOAF Available For Download Update ID

For many thousands of years, The Book of LOAF remained in the mysterious charge of an Eagle-taunting robot. But since such things were abandoned in hopes of harmony, access to The Book was lost... until now. Formerly available only for the modest fee of $99.99, you can now download it here -- a meg and a half text file.

Presenting: Update ID

It's our third anniversary, and it shows. We've polished up our CIC Chat Zone for this joyous occasion. The latest version of the Bulletin Board software makes reading and posting more enjoyable and customizable than ever. The biggest change is that we've made a number of color schemes available for you. Choose or alternate between Romantic Red, Boyish Blue and Terrific Teal!

CIC Teal Open For Business Update ID

There's nothing we like more than opening a new CIC color. CIC Teal brings you all of the information you could ever want for missions from all of the major WC games. Cpl Hades put an enormous amount of effort into it, and TC and I contributed a little too. We hope you'll enjoy this latest addition to the palette, CIC Game Guides!

Happy Birthday Everyone! Update ID

We'd like to thank you all for visiting us for three years at (and for several more years at our precursor Wing Commander news sites). We've reached another major milestone today. Each year we're continually impressed by how enthusiastic our fellow Wing Commander fans are in supporting our community. We've been through quite a lot, and most of it was without a new game to focus on. We've had a lot of other special products, features, events and so on though, and we will continue as long as Wing Commander fans are here to support us. We've even paid off our domain through the year 2010. Many of the fan projects that were just budding during our last birthday have turned into wonderful playable games or are well on their way to producing beautiful results. We hope that our site upgrades today are a help to you, and thank you once again for visiting. And if you can't make the Birthday Party, send an email to as soon as possible to be included in our alternate door prize contest. Thanks a lot!

You are Cordially Invited...
Update ID

To the Wing Commander Combat Information Center's third birthday celebration! TONIGHT at 7:00 PM EST in #WingNut on the DALnet!


  • Trivia of all sorts!
  • Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!
  • New CIC features!
  • Boring, long-winded speeches!
  • Cake!

(Prizes include games, books, action figures and a chance to beta test Unknown Enemy!)

If you've never used IRC before, you can find a tutorial here. We'll be on all day getting ready and just hanging out -- stop by and say hi!

From: The Tri System League of Hunters. Update ID

Personal E-Mail to Ser Lev Arris.
We have been monitoring your recent activities closely and although your style is crude and somewhat clumsy we believe you may be a worthy challenge for our members. We are offering you the opportunity to test your metal against us, and in the process earn yourself a substantial reward. The mission my dear boy, is basically cat and mouse, you being the mouse of course. THe chase will take place between Janus and Hades, four Nav points. Your goal is to get through all four Nav Points over to Hades in one piece, where your reward will be waiting. We call it the "Heaven to Hell"

More Marine Shots Update ID

And another two shots from Wing Commander: Marines... including in in-game capture and the back part of a cat.

Casting Call: Invasion Update ID

Ladiesman sends this request on behalf of the Wing Commander Invasion project... it'll be just like recording Armada taunts like nobody ever actually did!
Alright, here's what I need. I thought i'd open up a casting call for voice overs. Most of the Terran voices from Armada can stay, with only a few different ones needed. However, we do need Kilrathi and Nephilim voices. Nephilim voices are easy...just be screetchy and high pitched. Kilrathi may be difficult. If all else fails we could use WC2 style Kilrathi voices, which sound like Klingons with a sore throat.

If your intrested in possibly doing voiceovers, send me an email with a sample of you saying whatever, preferably as a zip or mp3 file.

If chosen, I'll send you a big ol' list of things to record. Then you'll be immortalized in WCInvasion.

Try to be expedient....I don't know how long the casting will last. It alldepends on the response.

So...get recording!

Movie in Germany Update ID

Jochen reports that the Wing Commander Movie will be shown several times this month in Germany! Here's the schedule he kindly sent us...

Premiere 1: 12th 11:05, 16th 20:15, 22nd 16:00, 31st 13:50
Premiere 3: 10th 22:20
Premiere Analog: 12th 10:15, 16th 20:15, 22nd 15:35, 31th 13:40

Birthday Update Update ID

If we haven't convinced you yet, we never will... but here it is anyway: come to the CIC Birthday tomorrow in #WingNut. It'll be funtastic. If you're not there... here's what Chris says.

Those of you who'd like to come to the party but can't make it because of a time conflict can enter to win a back-door prize. This will only be a quick giveaway for those who would like to be at the birthday party, but just can't be there. If you'd like to participate, send your name and email address to We'll be picking a winner a short while after the actual party.

From: Update ID

After losing their bid for the Bexian Cup in a heart-breaking fifth game, the Dark Moon Rompers (18 to 1 favourites) are returning home to Hermes at Nav Point #5. Team manager Jurgon Finsman fears his team are in mortal danger, after recieving 247 death-threats from various pirate clans.

Team owners seek qualified pilot to provide escort services for the team transport.

I'm Back... Update ID

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks -- I was awfully sick for a few days. But food is staying in me now and I'm not having weird delusions... so it's back to Wing Commander! (There'll be more Nephilim scans tomorrow, for those waiting patiently).

TCS Panther Needs You Update ID

The TCS Panther project website has been updated with another request for help (contact, and a review of the project's plot...
Nephilim have entered the Enigma sector destroying everything in the Troy system and 5 surrounding systems and have a hyperjump link to the Vukar-Tag sector . This happens after the launch of the earth militia who defend civillians from pirates and other threats (1 day after) . You have been assigned to the Black dogs squadron as a wingleader of Alpha wing because of your excellent flight traning. The first mission begins ......

State of the UEnion Update ID

The word from the Unknown Enemy is that Missions 5a, 5b, 7 and 9 are almost finished -- and that mission 8 is about half done! Progress continues on cutscenes, music and graphics.

Multi-Ethnic DVD Madness Update ID

More on how to get the Region 2 Wing Commander DVDs with extra features...

People can order the Denmark version from or! Hades has tried one, and I've tried the other -- we'll let you know how it works.

People in Sweden can order the Swedish version from Anyone out there know a site where you can order the Swedish (or any other version) internationally?

This update is thanks to Alvin Ljoså and NoRemorse (Sweden)!

Birthday Update Update ID

Come to the CIC Birthday... it's just two days away, in #WingNut! Everyone is invited... there'll be prizes, cheap champaigne, new CIC bits, a UE sponsored trivia contest and more!

Trivia 3, Week 41 Update ID

How does fifty weeks sound for Game Three? Feel free to include your comments on that potential end date with your Week 41 answers.
Welcome to Game Three, Week Forty-One Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to and listed at the CIC. Please email answers to or Be sure to include a name you would like to be known under for the Scoreboard. Have your answers in before this coming Sunday (August 12, 2001) to ensure your answers are recorded. Answers submitted early may be returned and you may be able to fix incorrect answers, time permitting. Main questions answered correctly are good for 5 points, bonuses good for 3.

Answers to Questions for Week 40 (starting July 30, 2001):

Question 79: Describe a situation where a Confederation warship orbitally bombarded a planet.
Answers Included: Bombardment of Munro, Vukar-related assaults, shield-busting at Freya, the worlds bombed by the rogue CS Olympus and the immolation of Kasmir Base on Centus.

Question 80: Describe a situation where a Kilrathi warship orbitally bombarded a planet.
Answers Included: Goddard's destruction by the Sivar, Gilead, Warsaw, Sirius and Earth bombardments during the Hakaga affair, and the destruction of the early Strakha stealth facilities on Ghorah Khar.

Bonus 40: Describe three separate situations in which Christopher Blair engaged a major capital ship, space station or planet without a wingman.
Answers Included: Temblor runs on planets like Kilrah, base assaults such as the attack on K'Tithrak Mang HQ and the incident where Blair lured a Snakier into Scylla.

New Questions for Week 41 (starting August 6, 2001):

Question 81: What is Christopher Blair's birthday?

Question 82: What is the Confederation's birthday?

Bonus 41: What is the Wing Commander Combat Information Center's birthday?

Submissions are due by August 12, 2001.

Please email answers to and do not post directly to the Newsgroup. Thanks.

Four Days To Go! Update ID

It's now four days and counting until we celebrate our third year at We hope that as many of you as possible visit #Wingnut Friday evening to join us in counting down. The format will be similar to previous parties. We'll start getting together about an hour before midnight GMT. That's 4:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Eastern and 11:00 GMT. Because of all the different time zones and assorted things that could crop up, we recommend you drop by at some point before the party to make sure you can connect to irc and have your times straight. As usual, a variety of different door prizes will be awarded after the gathering time until a while after turns three years old. An exact inventory of prizes will be determined by how many guests we have in #Wingnut, though expected items include Wing Commander novels, action figures, collectible cards and more. Though the focus is on the party and celebration itself, there should be a few various site upgrades and features made available at that time as well. We hope you can join us, though if not, your continued interest in our community is appreciated.

From: Williford Biologics Inc., Security Division Update ID

<<Calling all able pilots>>
We have a situation requiring immediate attention. A major shipment of expensive raw materials is on its way from Karatikus to Crius at Nav Point #4. We have reason to believe that Kiowan pirates are planning to destroy the convoy. Please protect our cargo ships as they land on Crius.

Long Live the Queen Update ID

Here's two more shots from Syd Mead's Century... which were very painfull to scan! Anyway, this is the Nephilim "Queen"... which arms itself with a Nephilim weapon thing on its head.

Comic Arrives Update ID

mpanty has finally published his comic! And you can look at it below... it's in French, but you can surely admire the artwork! Those of you unfamiliar with French can read the English dialogue (and comment on the comic) in this thread.

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div Update ID

We have an urgent situation requiring immediate assistance. A crippled CIS task force is stranded at Nav Point 149. CIS intelligence division has informed us of a prototype Papogod systems scrambled which has rendered our task force in operable. We require a non CIS coded operative to search and destroy the Emitter pirate ships before their Ship Killer Squadron arrives. Defend our crippled carriers at all cost.

Birthday Plug #2 Update ID

Here's another plug for our birthday -- it's Friday, August 10th at 8 PM EST in #WingNut. All your friends are doing it!

Music Privateerized Update ID

Scrap has been working pretty darned hard to remix new Privateer mp3s... and now you can find the fruits of his labor, the New Constantinople theme, here. Hurrah!

Sweden Sounds Great Update ID

Reaver says he can confirm that the Swedish Wing Commander DVD has behind the scenes and on location footage! Very cool! Anybody know where we can buy that one?

That's A Moray Update ID

I'm slowly extracting things from Syd Mead's Sentury... here's his initial pictures of the Moray and Kraken class ships! If you want a copy of the book, it's available at

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div Update ID

We have an urgent situation that requires an immediate response. One of our undercover operatives has been discovered attempting to flee the Chirichan Draknor station at Nav Point #153. He has in his possession a package containing important information regarding future Chirichan movements. He is being pursued by Chirichan pirate craft who wish to destroy him and his cargo. Rendezvous with him and collect the package, then get to the nearest technology centre where the information will be collected from you.

... It's Good for the Soul Update ID

The Wing Commander: Standoff site has been completely redesigned! It's ultra-hip now! The Free Trader model is complete (no screenshot at press), and the team has finally started looking for help with the project... they're looking for a texture artist, a cutscene artist and a user interface artist.

Birthday Reminder! Update ID

The annual CIC Birthday bash is gearing up... it's in exactly one week in #WingNut on the DALnet! Mark your planner-book things... there'll be trivia, give-aways, cake, ChrisReid and lots more!

Something is Interesting in Denmark! Update ID

The first two DVDs pictured below are the Asian version... they're quite possibly pirated -- but it's interesting to see different box art. Now the third is really interesting... it's the Danish release, which claims to have behind the scenes and on location footage. So... here's the rub: does anyone out there know where we might purchase the Danish release of Wing Commander?

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div. Update ID

The CIS would like you to attack the Jincilla cargo staging facilities at Nav Point 149. The Cargo ships will make a run for it as soon as your detected. Forget their Guards, hit the transports before they can escape.

Privateer Music Redux Update ID

Scrap, the guy who did the WC Guitar Tab, is creating mp3 remixes of the Privateer themes... he's already done the agricultural planet theme! He's set up a web page with that, his WC3 FAQ and his tab... as well as some Ultima stuff for those of you who, ah, swing that way. Check it all out here.

Nephilim in a Book Update ID

Got a copy of Syd Mead's book in the mail last night... and it does, indeed, have some Prophecy artwork in it! It has several drawings of the Nephilim themselves, as well as concept paintings of the Ship Killer and the Moray. The especially interesting thing, though, is that he talks about his thoughts behind desinging "The Aliens"; apparently the Nephilim have three classes, Soldier, Lieutenant and Queen. I'll transcribe the section later -- but if you're into large, expensive, useless books with really neat art in them, grab your own copy here.

From: Colonel Slade "Tex" Carver, CIS Special Ops. Update ID

I am the lone survivor of the "Black Watch", search and destroy unit. We were on a routine mission against the Chirichan Clan when my ship went down with systems failure. The rest of my wing went in, but those Chirichan bastards were waiting for them. My whole unit was wipted out. I should have been there with them. Now I've got me a score to settle and I need some backup for another unsanctioned mission. If you're interested meet me at Nav Point #70, for more detailed instructions. Pack some heat because this one is gonna get hot.

New Marine Mod Update ID

Bloodfang sends us this introduction to an exciting project... a Wing Commander Half-Life mod!
I'm Bloodfang, webmaster and team leader of the half-life MOD WING COMMANDER MARINES! The web page is located at (of course with an English version)! Check it out! The MOD is still at its firstdays, but is growin' up well! However I'm asking you to kindly post a comment or a news on it! We really need help, expecially for 3d modellers! Thank you for the attention and let me know what do you think about it!

WC in Windows Update ID

PopsiclePete has a report on Wing Commander in Windows XP... and it sounds like good news!
Great news for those who whant to get rid of the old DOS-based Win9x/ME (and those who already did) ! I tried the new NT-based Windows XP, and it seems that Microsoft claims that XP is more compatible are true... I've tried some old DOS games and it runs great. But more importantly, I've tried the WCP demo and Secret Ops and they work perfectly when you apply a compatibility setting on the main EXE. Great ! Now we won't need the Win2000 patch for Prophecy, and also Secret Ops will work !

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