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TC has searched high and low (using Google) to find interesting bits of WC history. This is a log of an Origin sponsored chat at the 3DO chat room on AOL in 1995. Our version is edited for clarity... you can find the full one here.
OSI: WE are really proud of Wing 3 3do and we are glad that everyone is enjoying it so Now that the cheese is out of the way, lets start with the questions! :)

ErinFritz2: When can we expect WC4 on M2 and what types of improvements will it incoporate over the awesome WCIII?
OSI: Ironicly we were just looking at the M2 technology today. But for now we are working on a opera version of the game.
Stephen3DO: for you folks that aren't familiar with the terms, Opera is the code word for the current 3DO system

LKoski: I am aware of WIng Commander III's major cost to produce and was wondering exactly how much profit do you make of each copy sold.
OSI: Lets put it this would need a fleet of dump trucks... :) Actually titles like this help us fund alot of our ventures....

ShawnRader: Will there ever be an Ultima game for the Opera, or M2? If there is I will buy it the day it's out.
OSI: That would be a cewl idea but for now we do not have any Ultima games in developement for... the 3do platform.. You never know what might happen in the future....

Philip2b: The feature of a burnt up cap. ship after destuction was not in the 3do version. why?
OSI: There were several issues including memory and time. The big issue was time.... We are working on it for Wing 4.

Mike3DO: You said you saw the M2... How good is it, and do you think you (OS) will be supporting it?
OSI: We looked at the technology today and it looked really promising... :) .. Several of our current products may be cut out perfectly for that technology... But we have not made any descisions on it yet... WE have some of our most experienced people evaluating M2 and they are very impressed...

ErinFritz2: Prowler was rumoured to be cancelled and then rumoured to be still on but put behind ... the priority of the PS version. What is the true story and if it is still on will it ... incorporate modem play? Are you looking at it for M2?
OSI: Prowler is still under developement and no final discisions have been made... Prowler technology seems ideal for M2..and currently it is under development for multiple platforms....

LKoski: Do you have any other titles in the works for the 3DO besides Prowler and Wing Commander 4?
OSI: At much as I would love to tell you more. There is nothing that we can officially talk.... about at this time....lets try to keep the discussion on Wing 3... :) Thanks...

Philip2b: Was it hard overcoming the 3do strectching of polygons?. What was the poly. diff. of the cap. ships compared with the 3do ver. and the pc version.?
OSI: The big difference was that the face count of the 3do objects had to be reduced from the PC. counterpart...
Philip2b: And was flying inside a cap. ship given any thoughts?
OSI: It was given some thought but there was not enough time to implement it properly....But we.. are looking into it for Wing 4....

SLATER DOG: How did you come up with the storyline for the WING COMMANDER series?
OSI: Chris Roberts has always been a fan of space opera... His creativity took care of the rest.....

ErinFritz2: Why were the ground levels left out? Was it because many thought those were weak levels in the PC version? Or was it due to technical problems?
OSI: The biggest thing was the time constraint. We though it was bettter to work on the space.. engine instead....And we think that they turned out pretty good.... :)

Jeff264: What's the story behind the removal of carrier landings and AI from WC3?
OSI: Again that goes back to the time constraint....we just didn't have time to implement them... Once again we thought that it would be best to focus on the playability of the space combat.

Asum: there was talk of a 'movie' movie deal, how would you guys feel bout that? do you think it would defeat the purpose of an interactive film??
OSI: Its something that we will always want to do, however we haven't figured out how to finance it yet.... Don't forget that a movie of this type would cost big big bucks...

ShawnRader: Why the hell didn't you put Mark Hammel on a exercise program/diet before you filmed the game?:-)
OSI: WE did...he lost 50 lbs.. ;) Can't you tell??

Stephen3DO: I have a question for the Origin team. Any fun stories about the filming of the game that you wish to share with us all?
OSI: Tom Wilson is absolutly hilarious... None of us were really there....Origins official guide for Wing 3 has the behind the screens. CD which contains alot of the bloobers that happened during the filming....

LKoski: I have not bought WCIII but have seen and played it on my friends computer, exactly what changes were made for the 3DO version?
OSI: recompressed movies, faster load times, Higher color of the movies (64K colors instead.... 256), The audio is 16 bit stereo and it is in dolby surround, because we were able to .... use the larger 74 minute CD capacity of the 3do format we could add footage that was not.... included in the PC version....

Asum: the ending titles look very impressive! how many people (appox) were involved in wc3? how does it compare to other games? like swc
OSI: About 200 people were involved in production of Wing 3....

ErinFritz2: Do you know if any strategy guides for the 3do version of WCIII will be published?
OSI: If time permits (Wing 4 is taking alot of the time) we might put a FAQ on the onlines and.. WEB page.....

Philip2b: Was Chris Roberts as much an influence on wc3 as he was on wc1?
OSI: He is involved with every single product that he does. He was especially excited to bring. Wing 3 to the 3DO platform and he was personally involved in the development...

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