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Although Origin has no current plans for another addition to the Wing Commander Universe, the series is still strong... thanks to the hard work of dedicated fans! The purpose of this section is to both promote existing Wing Commander fan projects and to provide the tools needed for other fans to help Wing Commander live on! Read on for more information on each project.

Full release

Flight Commander

A fan made wing commander style engine. Flight Commander already features a graphical mission editor and branching campaigns. For visual effects, a particle system is used so you can fly through explosions. Nebulae, planets, and stars surround you. Fly any fighter from WC:Armada, WC3, WC4, Prophecy, and many ships from WC1-2. Takeoff and landing cutscenes are provided. But most importantly, every aspect of the game can be easily edited with an ordinary text editor. Sound effects, and a rock soundtrack add to the excitement.

Privateer Remake

The Privateer Remake project is a multi-platform clone of Wing Commander Privateer. Windows, Linux and MAC versions are available.

Privateer Remake Gemini Gold

Privateer Remake Gemini Gold is a multi-platform clone of Wing Commander Privateer. It aims to be closer to the original than other remake projects. Windows, Linux and MAC versions are available.

Unknown Enemy

An addon for Wing Commander Secret Ops -- featuring new graphics, a new story, music, missions, ships and possibly voice acting. Unknown Enemy -- long the favorite of mod-watchers -- promises to deliver quality missions far beyond the complexity that Origin gave us with Secret Ops with a good fiction system. CIC Fan Project of the Year, 2000. Upon release the game should include 12 all new missions accompanied by complex in game cutscenes.

WC Zone

The most addictive WC mod released to date, WCZone replaces the SubSpace (a freeware multiplayer game) with Wing Commander vehicles... and provides players with a special Wing Commander themed server! WCZone was one of the first WC mods to be completed... although future improvements are planned.

Wing Commander: Standoff

Standoff will be an add-on for Secret Ops, replacing basically all the original content: missions, graphics, sound effects, music, etc. The branching storyline will be based on events from the novel Fleet Action, and the graphics, audio, and gameplay will be an attempt to recreate a WC2-like setting.

Partial release

Fleet Action

A Mod for Homeworld that contains ships from most Wing Commander eras. It is currently being worked upon and has a lack of staff so it is moving at a snail's pace. If anyone can help, please drop an email to the Mod's head-of-development.

Holding The Line

HTL is a trilogy length fan fiction project jointly being written by several members of the Wing Commander Aces club. Set during Wing Commander Prophecy, it tells the story of a heavily outnumbered Confed and Border Worlds fleet that is trying to contain the invasion at the edges of human space. New chapters are released weekly via the Aces Club mailing list, and past chapters are archived regularly for on-line reading.

Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan (for Flight Commander) opens with Stephen returning to the Sonic Underground after the receiving a distress call. Upon arriving a wing of Alliance fighters lead by Spite began their attack. After intense fighting Stephen's wing and the Sonic Underground are severely damaged and are forced to Network HQ to rearm. Once there they are informed that their beloved carrier is be handed over for special assignment.


Clone of Wing Commander Armada, using and proving the Pi4x turn-based space strategy engine. Designed to implement all functions of Armada while improving the interface and allowing extensions. Windows XP, MAC and Linux compatible.

Privateer: Ascii Sector

A sixteen color, text-based take on Privateer!

Ranger's Glory

Ranger's Glory is a mod using the Flight Commander engine created by Ed Benowitz, built so other WC mods would have an easily moddable engine with which to create mods. Ranger's Glory is a Wing Commander mod based partly on another mod called WC:Unknown Enemy, which used the Vision Engine--not a very easy task in itself. WC:RG takes place right before the events of UE and continues through that mod in timeline.

Vega Strike

Possibly the original fan project, Vega Strike (an all-new space-sim engine) has recently been retooled and remoddeled for both the Windows and Linux crowd. If you're interested in following the very technical aspects of a game's development, VS is the one to watch... it promises to be a cool game, too!

WC4 Homeworld 2 Mod

I am working on a game MOD for Homeworld 2 that converts it to the Wing Commander 4 universe. Also I would require a small amount of assistance in some of the technical info about certain ships, some data is not available on your site such as the dimensions of the Durango class carriers, etc. I realise this info may not exist anywhere in writing, but for sake of the creation of this mod, it would really really help if I could correspond with someone from your site about info like this. I'll eventually need UI icons and some other material that I'm sure the community can help me out with this. I however would like to stress - NO DEADLINE [release date] - just in the case that people start asking when it will be done and stuff. I am doing it alone, getting it done and it will be great. That's my promise.

Wing Commander I Remake

The Wing Commander 1 Remake is an attempt to re-create the same gameplay and action that was seen in Wing Commander 1, only this time with 3d graphics. Wing Commander 1 Remake has evolved steadily along with Eddie Benowitz's Flight Commander engine.

Wing Commander Saga

Battlegroup Serpent takes place during the WC3 timeline, you will take the place of the young fighter pilot Katarina 'Cat' Thorn. Stationed on an old Durango class carrier you are on a patrol on the Confederation Kilrathi border. All seems to be in perfect order until a Kilrathi carrier jumps into your system. With this incident everything starts to change. Strange orders are given, an old friend of your past comes back and a long journey with an unknown target begins. The story features ships from Wing Commander 1 to 3 and 2 ships that you have never seen before.

Wing Commander: Escape Velocity Nova

This is a Total Conversion for the Macintosh game Escape Velocity: Nova. It will include over 815 systems (from LOAF's map!) and will start at the time of Wing Commander 1. You will battle Kilrathi, pirates, retros, mandarines, even the dreaded Nephilim after a while! Be on your toes! You will be able to buy ships ranging from the lowly Hornet and Shuttle to the massive Confederation-Class Dreadnoughts, even a Mega-Carrier like the Midway! But don't expect all these ships to be available right off the bat! The TC is progressing nicely, no graphics yet, but most of the vital statistics of wing commander 1's ships and weapons have been added, as well as all the base systems.

Wing Commander: Invasion

A Wing Commander conversion for the real-time strategy game Star Wars: Empire at War.

Wing Commander: Universe

The main ultimate feature of WC:U is that it will offer a player/user the ability to create his own storylines, how we call it - plots. Anyone will be able to create his plot and put it up for download. You'll be able to do almost anything. Want to make Behemoth buyable, not a problem, do so. Want to create a small story about the war - go ahead it's all in your hands. In other words, plots are small (or big, depends on your imagination) mods/add'ons, which could be created by anyone who is willing to do so.

X-Wing Alliance TC

Considered by many to be the most impressive looking WCTC, this one is taking on the immense task of modeling every Wing Commander ship in X-Wing Alliance... and, by the looks of screenshots, succeeding wildly! The old bitmapped WC1 and 2 ships now shine in full 3D glory.


Havoc's Game (working title)

A new multiplayer space sim that will be focused on typical game types such as death match, defense, offense and more. So far six ships have been implemented and it's been designed for 16 players. The game's engine is coming along well and implements numerous impressive graphical effects. There is no website for the project yet, but Havoc's team is currently soliciting feedback.

Wing Commander Pioneer

Its Privateer set in the WC1 timeframe. Weve tried to use art references from the original WC when we created the look for the game. The game will be completely first-person (with a possibility of a few cutscenes here and there launching, landing and the like). The Hunchback is your starter ship its the Pioneer equivalent to a Tarsus. The Tarsus is also available to purchase, but its more of a high-range ship equivalent to the demon from Priv.

Wing Commander: Collateral Damage

Wing Commander: Collateral Damage aims to bridge the gap between Secret Ops and Arena. The game will feature a number of designs from the recent Xbox Live Arcade release as well as ships from the classic titles.



A CGI movie project set in the Wing Commander universe. Raiders is an animated short about a convoy ambushed by Kilrathi pirates, and the two hotshot pilots who save the day. It will feature intense space combat, jaw-dropping graphics, and voiceovers by members of the community. Created by Cameron Wu. Contains violence and coarse language.



A Wing Commander Total Conversion for Star Trek: Armada, featuring new ships, graphics and a an original storyline. Invasion promises to be one of the most complete total conversions, going so far as to change things like music and multiplayer missions.

Marine Corps

A ground-based Wing Commander Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament, featuring new models, guns and levels. The WCMC will bring together Wing Commander's legacy with the thrill and excitement of a first person shooter!

Rebel Assault

A fan-made 3D rendered Wing Commander movie, telling an all-new story in the WC universe. Rebel Assault will tell the story of a rebel group of Kilrathi planning an attack on the Confederation, in the hopes of rebuilding the Kilrathi Empire.

Red Point

Red Point promises a massive 64 missions, which will apparently be spread across an introduction and two episodes with a total of eight chapters.

Time Crisis

Time crisis is a tribute to Wing Commander. It is an original fan project, set in the WC and Star Trek universe and is planned to be a simple yet addictive 2D Prince of Persia/Duke Nukem style game. The gameplay is aimed to be a lot more advanced though. Those who sent recruiting applications earlier, please send them again to the new changed e-mail address. Sorry for the trouble.

WC Tactics

Nexus is a warship strategy game, and the project's additions have come in the form of WC1/2 era capital ships. The original game looked great, so there's a lot of potential for stellar graphics and gameplay here. Parts of the mod are still in the early stages, so there's room to help if you'd like to assist Chevieblazer.

Wing Commander 2634

Wing Commander 2634 is a modification for Nexus. The project brings together designs from Wing Commander I through III as well as Academy TV and the movie.

Wing Commander Battle Stations

Wing Commander Battle Stations is a fan made shooter. Taking place during the Wing Commander I Era, you will encounter numerous foes. But you are not alone in the battle, you will be aided by other Confederation fighters and carriers in a battle to save Vega Sector from the Kilrathi.

Wing Commander Legacy

Venom was cleaning up some files and found some cool renders from an old fan project that was not completed. Some 20 ships were made for this effort. The game would have been a top-down scroller shooter using WC ships.

Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident

Late 2681. A new war is brewing. As old enemies become new allies. Steps are taking place to insure the survival of the Confederation from the new Nephilim threat. In a backwater system, deep in Confederation space, a secret project has begun that will revolutionize the way the Confederation fights war. However not everyone believes that this is the right course. Events are taking place that could change the face of the Confederation forever. Those that lived through it simply refer to it as The Wasteland Incident.

The Tools

The Lancers Reactor: This popular StarLancer news site has a number of Wing Commander fighters for download in StarLancer format.

HCl's Wing Commander Page: HCl's famous site includes editors and other tools for every game in the Wing Commander pantheon -- from Wing Commander 1 to Privateer 2!

Thomas Bruckner's Wing Commander Site: Thomas Bruckner has created numerous Wing Commander and Secret Ops editing utilities.

Locke's Workshop: Locke's Workshop features a number of new missions, ships and editors for Prophecy and Secret Ops.

Wing Commander Missions: The CIC offers a selection of Wing Commander missions.

Editing Chat Zone: Discuss Wing Commander editing with the experts at the CIC's Chat Zone.

Steele Aerospace: Michael Boewes offers an excellent selection of Wing Commander craft in X-Wing Alliance format.

WCB5 Page: This site provides a number of Babylon 5 and Wing Commander 3/4 ships in Prophecy/SO format.

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