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    Why skids?

    Wouldn't the anti-grav have to be on to move it? Buldoze would harm the craft. If the engine/anti-grav was the only thing out wheels would be ultra handy.
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    Wing Commander Mod for Galactic Civilisations 2?

    So does anyone have any components of this project? Can't get any of it going again? With remnants?
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    WC:ArdorMUSH Update

    Yeah, we're getting a few more than what we expected, wanting to play Kilrathi type characters. When our original goal was to have mostly only a handful of kilrathi renegades and maybe a single firekkan or two. To cope with this some, we'll probably be setting up a secondary faction to allow...
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    WC:ArdorMUSH Update

    We're quite a bit along now. So much so, most of the staff agree that we can now accept players. Only catch is that the space combat code is not 100 percent complete yet. Regardless, the areas and everything else is pretty much done. So if you just want to hang out and RP or even just chat...
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    The Word Game

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    Wing Commander Academy DVD order?

    Ship also to Canada? If so, I'm interested!
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    Wing Commander Academy Thank You :)

    After the new hi-definition episodes are made available, will the older smaller ones be made available again as well?
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    WC: Fiery Ardor MUSH

    There have been several Wing Commander MUSHes in the past. And they've done rather well for themselves till their server goes wonky or the storyline ends. For those that don't know, a MUSH is a text based multi-user RP environment. Accessible through telnet or preferably a better MU* client...
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    New High Res Academy!

    Have to thank the guys that took the time and energy to make the cartoons avalible for download! Even though I must suffer through dial-up, I've eventually downloaded 8 episodes. Ever so nice to drink coffee and watch a great cartoon of my favorite theme. BUT THEN...Panic! Permission...
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    Would you let spread the bio-virus among the kilrathis?

    It's not so much the weapon that gives the impact but the people it is used on. Had the temblor bomb been used on any other world than Kilrah, the war would go on. The war monger leaders of the Empire had to be removed. Had the bio weapons been deployed in a strategic manner than would do...
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    Those might not hurt to know. If you know them and are handy...
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    So, I take it that's all there is to be said on the canon fleets mentioned? (redirect focus back to main topic)
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    Would you let spread the bio-virus among the kilrathis?

    Well as I've played through the entire series and read most of the novels, hindsight is great. You know the Kilrathi are going to nuke and bio us in the end when we barely have anything left to hold the line. So to those out there that are saying the cats will become twice as likely to nuke...
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    wing commander model kits

    I always wanted to break down and use those blue prints to do a balsa model of a Raptor but school piled up or other things distracted. I think it's a great idea. If only I can find the time, I'd give it a shot.
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    Confederation Uniforms.

    Yeah, you have a point. We're just reminded of the get up Paldin has in WC3. Which doesn't mean much as that was white...errm..anyway. Looking for Pysch then for an answer on uniform classes. Although I have a feeling you're probaby right. It would make sense at least.