WC: Fiery Ardor MUSH


There have been several Wing Commander MUSHes in the past. And they've done rather well for themselves till their server goes wonky or the storyline ends.

For those that don't know, a MUSH is a text based multi-user RP environment. Accessible through telnet or preferably a better MU* client like MUSHclient or SimpleMU. They are free and offer an alternative to email based RP where you have to wait for replies and results.

WC: Fiery Ardor MUSH has been in construction for 4 months now and kept quiet incase the project fell through. Then there'd be no major disappointment from staff or those expecting it's arrival. Well we're nearing the end of construction phase.
Only a handful of thing left to manage.

Unlike other WC MUSHes or MUXes in the past, Fiery Ardor focuses on character development and life of Terran Confederation Military personnel during the Kilrathi/Terran war. Therefore heavily coded combat is not as important as good RPing with one another. Most of the action will take place on the Ranger-class Light Carrier, TCS Ardor and it's carrier task group.

Characters will be able to choose from a large list of available positions to RP as. Everything from Marines pounding the kilrathi planet side, to a member of one of Ardor's 4 fighter squadrons...even shuttle pilot.

As we near the end of construction phase we could do with a wee bit of help to fill staff positions to help supply storyline for the MUSH, and finish off odd jobs like fancying up the webpage.

If you are interested in checking us out and lending us a hand you can reach us via telnet, simpleMU, MUSHclient, or other MU client at:

HOST: ardormush.quackster.net
PORT: 8888

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We are not currently taking players or player applications. Only staff positions!