WC:ArdorMUSH Update


We're quite a bit along now. So much so, most of the staff agree that we can now accept players. Only catch is that the space combat code is not 100 percent complete yet. Regardless, the areas and everything else is pretty much done. So if you just want to hang out and RP or even just chat. Character Creation is now unlocked and folks can go through.

Our site host is: ardormush.quackster.net
Port is: 8888

If you specificly want to know what still needs to be completed, here's a run down.

Update on MUSH status is as follows:
+TOE: - Done, but I must figure out a way to make it easier to update.
+FAQ System: - Need a little thing that allows admin to add FAQs to the list and players the ability to only read them.
+Living Quarters: - Right now all living quarters have to be built by hand, linked to the TCS Ardor and @parented to #407. Lots of work..so was trying to think of an easier more automated way for staff to do this faster.
Space Combat: - Well, I've got the stat figures in the news files and a code to make it. Need to work out specificly how space combat rolls will be modified by ship type (armor/speed/attack values).
News Combat: - Done for the most part. Need to work out the space combat portion of the file though to be more clear.
News AdminHelp: - Not a must... I was thinking on adding something like this so +staff know little things and how to fix something if it needs fixing and you forgot. Stuff like how to change skills on players.

Practically done!

It is highly suggested that you obtain another MU client instead of living with Telnet. Something like SimpleMU or MUSHclient. Telnet is a pain.


Yeah, we're getting a few more than what we expected, wanting to play Kilrathi type characters. When our original goal was to have mostly only a handful of kilrathi renegades and maybe a single firekkan or two. To cope with this some, we'll probably be setting up a secondary faction to allow people to have alternate kilrathi characters aboard the Fralthra KIS Stil'vek. Offering a foil to the operations of the TC aboard the TCS Ardor.