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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Roberts Quadrant
Locations Alcor V
Jump Links Vega, Freya, Hellespont, Cairo, Nephele, Loki VI

Alcor is a star system in the Vega Sector. It was previously controlled by the Terran Confederation, but has since fallen to the Kilrathi Empire.

Alcor used to host Terran colonies but was conquered during the later half of the Terran-Kilrathi War when the Kilrathi overran the Vega Sector. It is now under firm Kilrathi control as of 2669, and is used to hold Terran POWs. Among their prison planets is Alcor V.

The TCS Victory fled to this system after the TCS Behemoth was lost in the Loki System. After warding off a major Kilrathi ambush, the Victory was greeted by Brigadier General James Taggart. He informed them of Confed's plan to destroy Kilrah by means of the Temblor Bomb, a superweapon that could destabilize a planet's tectonic makeup. However, its creator, Philip Severin, was imprisoned on Alcor V and if the bomb was to be built, he had to be rescued. Taggart commissioned the TCS Victory and Colonel Christopher Blair to complete this task.

After the Victory cleared out the system patrols, Blair escorted a squad of marines down to the planet's surface. After the ground forces were wiped out, Severin was successfully extracted and the Victory abandoned the system. Construction of the Temblor Bomb proceeded as planned.

It is unknown what became of the system after the War ended.