TCS Kipling

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TCS Kipling
Type Bengal-class strike carrier
Manufacturer Trojan Four Spaceyards
Primary User Terran Confederation
Service Terran-Kilrathi War
Introduction 2645
Source Claw Marks

The TCS Kipling was the second Bengal-Class Strike Carrier. The Kipling was built by the Trojan Four Spaceyards and launched in 2645. Because of design modifications the Kipling was ten meters shorter and several tonnes less massive than the earlier TCS Tiger's Claw.

Fan additions

The TCS Kipling appears in Wing Commander: Standoff, which is based on the novel Fleet Action, in Episode 5. There she was in the Sol System in the process of being decomissioned. When the Kilrathi broke the Armistice in 2668, the Confederation wasn't able to reactivate her in time for the Battle of Earth. However, her complement of Rapier IIs were transferred over to the Wake-Class Escort Carrier CVE TCS Firekka.

The TCS Kipling is also the homebase of the Player in Wing Commander: Unknown Enemy, which takes place during Wing Commander: Prophecy. There she was sold to the Union of Border Worlds and renamed into BWS Dauntless. She was meant to be decomissioned and her fighter wings to be transferred over to the BWS Intrepid in the Kurasawa System, however the former one was destroyed by the Nephilim and after their Invasion in that System was stopped by the combined efforts of the BWS Dauntless, the KIS Zu'Baka (a Fralthi-class Cruiser) and the TCS Eisen, the Decision for Decomission was revoked.