Vega Sector Campaign

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The Vega Sector Campaign was a military engagement conducted by the Terran Confederation against the Empire of Kilrah in the Vega Sector during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

Map of the Vega Sector from Claw Marks.
Vega Sector in the year 2681

The campaign raged across the sector, with engagements in virtually every system and planet in the sector involving the Vega Sector Fleet. By mid-2654, the Confederation had gained the upper hand and the kilrathi began withdrawing their forces to the Venice System, which was their sector capital, to make their final stand in the sector.

On 2654.288, TCS Tiger's Claw pilots Christopher Blair and Ian St. John destroyed the Kilrathi High Command's Star Post in the Venice System. Following this, the last kilrathi planet in the sector fell and the Vega Sector Campaign ended with the Confederation victorious.

Pilots who served in the Vega Sector Campaign were awarded the Vega Sector Campaign Graduation Service Ribbon.

Behind the scenes

The Vega sector campaign was the backdrop for the first Wing Commander game and follows rookie pilot Christopher Blair.