TCS Intrepid

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TCS Intrepid
Type Destroyer
Primary User Terran Confederation
Captains Grierson
Service Terran-Kilrathi War

Not to be confused with the Border Worlds ship BWS Intrepid


In 2667, the Intrepid, along with the TCS Kagimasha, were selected to escort the TCS Tarawa as part of Operation Back Lash and in their role Strike Force Valkyrie. The mission was to penetrate to the Kilrathi home world and cause as much damage as possible. At that time, the Intrepid was commanded by Captain Grierson.

Battle of Kilrah

In 2667, the Intrepid jumped into the Kilrah system as part of Strike Force Valkyrie. The Intrepid and Kagimasha defended the Tarawa while the latter deployed a full battalion of the 1st Marine Commandos to destroy the Kilrathi shipyard facilities on the second moon of Kilrah, Largkza. The attack resulted in the destruction of six fleet carriers under construction, a cruiser production site and countless other losses. The fleet then fled to the gas giant Igrathi to take refuge while they conducted repairs.

The Intrepid continued to defend the Tarawa after the Kagimasha was destroyed in a kamikaze attack while attempting to exit the Kilrah system by using Kilrah itself as the focal point for a tractor beam slingshot maneuver. In order to complete the move, the Tarawa launched a Ferret and Marine shuttle armed with an old-style atomic warhead in order to distract the Kilrathi with a perceived threat to their home world. In doing so, both Tarawa and Intrepid were able to align themselves for a high speed jump out of system. Eventually, the two ships reached the Baragh system.

Destruction at Baragh

The two surviving Confederation vessels managed to flee Kilrah, but were mercilessly pursued by three Kilrathi carriers. Desperate to defend the Tarawa, the Intrepid engaged an incoming Kilrathi cruiser. Both vessels launched a full volley of torpedoes at each other, destroying both vessels with all hands on board. The Intrepid's self-sacrifice kept the Tarawa alive long enough for it to be rescued by the TCS Concordia, which had rushed from the Battle of Vukar Tag to aid in the Tarawa's escape.

Behind the Screens

Appears in Wing Commander: End Run.