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Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Years of service -2667
Commands TCS Intrepid
Battles/wars Raid on Kilrah

Grierson was a Terran officer in the Terran Confederation. He commanded the TCS Intrepid as that vessel's captain.


Grierson is an associate of famed pilot Jason Bondarevsky. He saved Jason's life by tractoring in his ejection pod when he was almost cornered by a pair of Kilrathi destroyers several years ago.

Grierson and his vessel were selected to join Strike Force Valkyrie as part of Operation Back Lash, the Terran operation to attack Kilrah in 2667 as a means to cripple Kilrathi war production. Grierson accepted this assignment, so the Intrepid, along with the TCS Kagimasha, acted as escorts for the lead ship, the TCS Tarawa.

Grierson survived the initial assault on Kilrah and continued to defend the Tarawa in the Baragh System after the Kagimasha was destroyed in combat. Unfortunately, they were pursued by a massive carrier force and Tarawa was critically damaged. Desperate to save the ship, Grierson ordered his ship to attack the nearest Kilrathi cruiser to buy the ship time to escape. Both ships fired volleys of torpedoes at each other, destroying both ships. Grierson did not survive, but his sacrifice delayed the Kilrathi long enough for Tarawa to rendezvous with the TCS Concordia.

Physical Description

No data available.


Grierson was a man who knew when to listen and what to do in any situation.