Kilrah (star system)

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Sector Kilrah Sector
Quadrant Kur'u'khag Quadrant
Locations Kilrah, Largkza
Jump Links Tr'Kpa, Kur'u'khag (10), Tr'p-Khar, Tal'q, K'Cris, H'rissth, Goran-Pak, Vuwarg, Freya, Hyperion

Kilrah is a K6-type main sequence star located in the Kur'u'khag Quadrant of the Kilrah Sector. Kilrah's planetary system consists of seven planets, two asteroid belts, seven identified jump points and a network of mini-jumps. The system has a diameter of 236.6 AU. It is the home system of the Kilrathi, who inhabited the planet Kilrah from which they presided over the Kilrathi Empire before the planet's destruction in 2669.

Kilrah System

Inner System

Kilrah 1 - T'm'r

Kilrah 2 - Kilrah Prime/Kilrah Debris Belt

Kilrah Prime was devastated by a Temblor Bomb on 2669.267, leaving a debris field and an uninhabitable planetary remnant.

Kilrah 2.1
Kilrah 2.2 - Largkza

Kilrah 3 - Igrathi

Igrathi is a gas giant with an orbit that passes close to one hundred million kilometers of Kilrah Prime. The Empire of Kilrah maintained an orbital base at Igrathi which housed interceptors. In 2667, Strike Force Valkyrie destroyed the base and used Igrathi's upper atmosphere to hide from Prince Thrakhath's fleet.

Kilrah 4 - Mog & T'Mog

Mog and T'Mog are a double planet. T'Mog has an atmosphere, liquid water and vegetation.

Kilrah 5 - Grn'r

Kilrah 6 - Rawsh

Rawsh was the site of a largely-underground Kilrathi colony with a population of less than 27,000. The colony was attacked during the Nephilim invasion of Kilrah at 2681.019.0144 and was completely destroyed around 2681.019.158.

Outer System

Asteroid Belt 1

Kilrah's inner asteroid belt is located 20.1 AU from the star. A Sivarist monastic outpost was located on asteroid K-14G in the inner asteroid belt until its destruction in the Nephilim invasion of Kilrah at 2681.018.2215 (est). Two of the three Theta II depots established by Terran Confederation Covert Operations in 2669 in preparation for the Temblor Bombing of Kilrah Prime were located in Asteroid Belt 1. The TCS Chinook was used by Lancelot Flight to rearm after arriving in-system on 2669.267. The second was discovered and destroyed by the KIS Kheerakh the same day.

Kilrah 7 - K’’vr

K’’vr is a small gas giant with a minimal ring and 6 significant satellites. There is a mini-jump point 200,000 km from the planet which leads to a position near the system's inner Oort cloud.

Kilrah 7.4

Kilrah 7.4 is a dead rock moon of K’’vr roughly 21 km in diameter. The satellite was home to a hidden underground Kilrathi smuggler/insurgent base capable of supplying the inner planets with black market goods which included a bay which serviced several shuttles and fighters. The base was destroyed in the Nephilim invasion of Kilrah at 2681.019.0215 (est). Its existence was unknown to the Terran Confederation until its remains were discovered by Major Washington later that day.

Asteroid Belt 2

A second asteroid belt surrounds the system.

System History

The Kilrah system was once the very heart of the expansive Kilrathi Empire. It was the political, military, cultural and economic center of the Kilrathi Empire, and among the most heavily-fortified systems in the known galaxy. The system was raided twice by the Confederation in 2667 and again fatally in 2669.

In 2681, Kilrah returned to prominence when an alien race known as the "Nephilim" invaded the Orion Arm of the galaxy by using Kilrah as a site for a wormhole gate from Fluid Space. It was here that a civilian research ship, the TCS Devereaux was destroyed by the Nephilim, alerting the Confederation to a new threat. Kilrah was quickly occupied and became a Nephilim stronghold.

Kilrah was liberated the same year after a concentrated assault on the wormhole gate by Confederation forces from the TCS Midway and TCS Eisen. In a twist of irony, Commodore Christopher Blair, the pilot responsible for the destruction of Kilrah, was among the Confederation officers leading the assault.