TCS Falstaff

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TCS Falstaff
Type Transport
Primary user Terran Confederation

The TCS Falstaff was a Drayman-Class Courier Ship that served the Terran Confederation until its destruction in 2654.

The TCS Falstaff was a typical Drayman-Class Transport reconfigured as a courier ship that was active in the middle stages of the Terran-Kilrathi War. It was charged with storing and ferrying battlefield intelligence regarding Terran and Kilrathi operations on the frontier at least since 2654. During that year, it was active in the contested Epsilon Sector.

When the Kilrathi destroyed Goddard with the Proton Accelerator Gun in 2654, they succeeded in capturing the Falstaff during the battle, as the vessel was stationed in the system at the time. However, the ship was loaded with fresh battlefield intelligence on operations in the frontier systems, a discovery that could prove disastrous for the Confederation war effort. The destruction of the Falstaff became a top priority for the Confederation.

While the TCS Tiger's Claw was tracking down the Kilrathi strike fleet that destroyed Goddard in the Midgard System on 2654.330, the crew was informed that the Falstaff was also present in the system, and likely en route to a Kilrathi star base so that its databanks could be explored. The Claw dispatched two pilots, Major Kien "Bossman" Chen and Major Christopher "Maverick" Blair to destroy the Falstaff at all costs. The strike was a success, as the pilots destroyed the Drayman and all of its valuable intelligence, thus preventing a major breach in Confederation security.

The fates of the crew of the Falstaff was never disclosed. They were likely held captive on the Falstaff at the time of its destruction or massacred beforehand. Regardless, the entire crew died in the incident.