Midgard (Epsilon Sector)

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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Antares Quadrant
Locations Sting, Midgard
Jump Links Jotunheim, Charon, Border Zone, K'ta Mek, Ross 94F, Tau Ceti

Midgard is a star system in the Epsilon Sector and a frontier territory of the Kilrathi Empire. It is not to be confused with the star system of the same name in the Gemini Sector. As of 2701, it hosts a population of 88,762,445,912.

Midgard is host to thirty planets, of which Sting and the planet Midgard are inhabited. It is known for its many nexus jump points.

The Midgard System is largely unknown to the Terrans as they have never gotten close enough to explore it. However, the TCS Tiger's Claw visited this system in 2654 during its pursuit of the KIS Sivar after the attack on Goddard. During this venture, the Terrans discovered that the TCS Falstaff, a Drayman-Class Courier Ship, was captured at Goddard and carried vital intelligence that could prove instrumental to the Kilrathi war effort. Pilots from the Claw destroyed it before it could escape with its vital cargo.

During this raid, the Reavers, a Scandinavian Special Forces team, captured a Kilrathi KF-100 Dralthi and sent it to the Claw for further analysis. The starfighter possessed battlefield intelligence that would prove useful to the Terrans. The Claw then fled Midgard before the Kilrathi could retaliate.

Even after the Terran-Kilrathi War's conclusion in 2669, Midgard remains a volatile system. Often serving as the staging ground for multiple pirate groups who have purchased weapons from all sides in the conflict, Midgard often sees violent clashes among these groups, as well as civilian vessels passing through the sector. One particularly violent region is Baldr's Channel, the fastest trade route through the system, and thus an area prone to constant raids and skirmishes. Traders and shippers will pay mercenaries and privateers top dollar for securing their safe passage through the system amidst the fighting.

Despite the regular skirmishes, the main planet of Midgard is known to be a very peaceful desert colony under the governance of the Kilrathi, unperturbed by the ever-present reality of piracy and space warfare.