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Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Isaac Quadrant
Locations Rigel Supply Depot
Jump Links Pembroke, Axius, Niven, Ghorah Khar

Rigel is a star system in the Enigma Sector. It is an important military outpose of the Terran Confederation.

In 2667, after the liberation of the Enigma Sector, a mutiny occured in Rigel. Pilots and crew from the TCS Gettysburg rebelled against their commanding officer, Commodore Cain, when he ordered them to fire on defenseless Kilrathi troopships retreating from the separatist Kilrathi colony of N'Tanya. The crew then commandeered the vessel while rogue elements seized the Rigel Supply Depot and several civilian Free Trader-Class Transports. Desperate to regain control of these assets, Confed sent the TCS Concordia to intercept the rogue vessel.

During the pursuit, Colonel Christopher Blair made contact with Gettysburg pilot Jason Bondarevsky, who explained that they seized the Gettysburg and the depot in response to their Commander's illegal orders. They tried to seize the depot without incident, as they required the station's supplies, but were forced to retreat when rogue marines from the Gettysburg disobeyed their orders and massacred the depot personnel. Most of the Gettysburg crew wished to return to Confed, but the rogue members instead chose to wage war on the local populace. Upon learning this, Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn ordered Blair to inform the Gettysburg crew that they were to be pardoned for their actions.

Colonel Blair was successful in negotiating the surrender of the Gettysburg, but the Rigel Supply Depot refused to surrender. Having no other options, Blair led the Gettysburg into battle against the depot, destroying it before its rogue crew could attack an incoming civilian convoy. The engagement saw the deaths of hundreds of Confed personnel, but saved countless others. The Gettysburg returned to Confed control afterwards.