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Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Isaac Quadrant
Locations Niven
Jump Links Enigma, Adams, Salayna, Rigel, Gwynedd, Ghorah Khar, Argarrio, Kur'u'khag (3)

Niven is a star system on the frontier of the Enigma Sector. It is a territory of the Terran Confederation.

Niven is a moderately populated system that hosts jump points to numerous planets, among them Ghorah Khar and the Kilrathi colonies deep within the Kilrathi Empire. Due to its proximity to the separatist planet of Ghorah Khar, which sought to join the Confederation, the defense of Niven was vital to that system's protection from Kilrathi Loyalist forces.

Niven Colony HQ was charged with defending the system under the command of General Snell. At least one major security outpost was in operation on the colony world of Niven.

Niven was attacked by the Kilrathi Empire in 2665 in an effort to break through Confed's defensive lines and to invade their former colony. The TCS Concordia arrived in the system to rout the Kilrathi invasion forces. Captain Christopher Blair conducted reconnaissance missions for his allies as well as escort missions for transports.

During the campaign, a traitor aboard the Concordia relayed classified data to the Kilrathi. Communications Specialist McGuffin had just returned to the comms station from a coffee break when he caught the traitor relaying the data. He was subsequently murdered and Concordia pilot Dirk Wright was framed for the attack. It was discovered later on that the traitor was Major Zachary Colson, an agent for the Society of Mandarins.

The Kilrathi eventually broke through Niven's defensive lines, but their true target was Ghorah Khar. After killing off the stragglers, the Concordia and her crew pursued the invaders into the Ghorah Khar System.