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N’Tanya (Natanya)
Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Antares Quadrant
Locations N’Tanya
Jump Links K’k Tahn, Ghorah Khar, Firekka

N'Tanya, or Natanya, is a star system located near the Terran Confederation in the Epsilon Sector. It was a colony of the Kilrathi Empire prior to its secession in 2667. N’Tanya is the only inhabited world in the system.

N'Tanya is one of the closest Kilrathi colonies to the Terran Confederation, and is moderately populated. It was first settled in 2590. Once a loyal subject to the Kilrathi Emperor, it was one of several frontier systems to secede from the Empire during the 2660s. The local Kilrathi leaders had become disillusioned with the brutal nature of the Kilrathi Empire, and sought to join the Terran Confederation as potential allies.

N'Tanya formally seceded from the Empire in 2667 alongside the K’arakh, Shariha, and Ghorah Khar systems. They sought political asylum and military protection from the Confederation. The Confederation agreed to these terms and sent forces to defend the Kilrathi colonies. They accomplished this through the successful defense of Ghorah Khar, where the rebellion was at its strongest. After Ghorah Khar was secured, N'Tanya and the other worlds were successfully assimilated into the Terran Confederation.

By 2701, N'Tanya renamed itself Natanya, and hosted a population of 7,121,486,355 sentient beings. Half of them were Kilrathi and the other half Terran. By this point, Natanya had established an extensive satellite network within its asteroid belt, allowing a continuous flow of information in the system. It also became an ideal place of profit for aspiring Privateers.