TCS Gettysburg

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TCS Gettysburg
Type Waterloo-class cruiser
Primary User Terran Confederation
Captains Cain
Service Terran-Kilrathi War

The TCS Gettysburg (CC-8) is a Waterloo-Class Cruiser that served with the Terran Confederation during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

In 2667, the Gettysburg was stationed at N'Tanya during the Kilrathi separatist rebellion in that system. When several refugee ships of Imperial Kilrathi loyalists tried to leave the planet, the commander of the Gettysburg Commodore Cain ordered his pilots to open fire on the unarmed transports. The pilots refused to comply, triggering a mutiny. The TCS Concordia conducted a frantic search for the vessel.

At the time of the mutiny, the Gettysburg was conducting field tests for the new YA-18 Crossbow Heavy Bomber, the Confederation's latest assault craft. Also, the crew of the Gettysburg seized the Rigel Supply Depot in their mutiny, but were forced to abandon it when a number of radical soldiers turned traitor and commandeered the station.

Colonel Christopher Blair was sent to negotiate a surrender with the Gettysburg upon the re-discovery of the cruiser. He was eventually successful in convincing the Gettysburg to end the mutiny in exchange for a full pardon from High Command. The Gettysburg then assisted Blair in neutralizing the Rigel Depot.

Due to Cain's illegal actions, the pilots were pardoned and returned to the Confederation with the Gettysburg.

At the time, the Gettysburg carried a complement of Ferrets and Epees, as well as prototypes of the Crossbow bombers.

Later that same year, the Gettysburg saw action at Vukar Tag, but was heavily damaged requiring a year in dry dock. Her exploits after 2668 are largely unknown.

Among the vessel's most notable pilots was Jason Bondarevsky, who rose through the ranks to become one of the most prominent Terran pilots of his time.