Ralgha nar Hhallas

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Ralgha nar Hhallas
- 2669
Callsign Hobbes
Place of birth Hhallas
Place of death Kilrah, Orbit, Kilrah System

Empire of Kilrah
Terran Confederation

Service/branch Navy, Space Forces
Rank Lord, Lt. Colonel

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Ralgha nar Hhallas was a Kilrathi noble, a Thrak’hra lord. He was born in 2641 on Hhallas, and also spent his childhood there. Ralgha grew up with Hassa, a priestess of Sivar and a member of the Ghorah Khar rebels.

Loss of Family

In 2650, all of Ralgha nar Hhallas’ hrai and all of Kirha’s family are killed when the Confederation raids their homeworld of Hhallas. The ship they were all on was mistaken for an enemy vessel by a Kilrathi commander. Ralgha was serving on the Ras Nik’hra at the time, and so escaped death.

Ralgha feels their deaths served no purpose. Meaningless deaths in a meaningless war. He is not sure the Kilrathi can even win the war and thinks the Emperor is a useless fool. Ralgha has grown disenchanted with the prospect of endless war, with no purpose, and begins to doubt the wisdom of Prince Thrakhath.

Now, Kirha is the only surviving member of Ralgha’s hrai. Ralgha takes Kirha on as his executive officer and acts as Kirha’s mentor.

Ghorah Khar Rebels

Ralgha joined the rebel movement on Ghorah Khar in 2653. He is captain of the KIS Ras Nik’hra, a Fralthi-class cruiser, and fought against the Confederation for the Vega sector. The Ras Nik’hra destroyed the TCS Leningrad while under Ralgha’s command.

On 2655.266, Ralgha is questioned for five hours at Imperial Intelligence Headquarters on Ghorah Khar. He never showed a hint of treason, but had insulted Jahkai, the Kalrahr of Imperial Security. Prince Thrakhath attends the questioning and eventually orders his release.

Later, Hassa gives Ralgha his first assignment from the rebel council on Ghorah Khar: he is to ask the Confederation for assistance for the rebellion. He is to rendezvous with the TCS Tiger’s Claw in the Firekka system and hand over his ship to them as a sign of good will.


The crew of the Ras Nik’hra is unaware of Ralgha’s plans to defect. Upon jumping to the Firekka system in 2655.271, he orders them not to launch fighters. Ralgha contacts the Tiger’s Claw, but since Ralgha does not yet know how to speak English, he depends on young Kirha for communication. Ralgha had sworn an oath to help the rebels on Ghorah Khar overthrow the Emperor, but until now he had never been involved in any of their operations. He is nervous and does not like what he has to do.

Before Confederation marines can board the Ras Nik’hra, Ralgha suffers injuries from loyal Kilrathi in his crew after he announces his defection to them. Along with the Ras Nik’hra, Ralgha brings to the Confederation twenty Kilrathi fighters, and assigns Ian “Hunter” St. John to Kirha as his new liege-lord for defending the Ras Nik’hra against the KIS Kraj'nishk. The Ras Nik’hra becomes the first Fralthi in Confederation possession.

Ralgha is taken to Sickbay on the Tiger’s Claw. His wounds are treated before he is questioned by Captain Thorn and Colonel Halcyon. At this point, Ralgha would not have minded being a simple Herdmaster on his home planet. During questioning, Ralgha suggests to Thorn that they leave Firekka because of the approaching Kilrathi armada and their upcoming Sivar-Eshrad.

Ralgha will take his plea for help for the rebels on Ghorah Khar to Confederation High Command. He no longer cares about the Kilrathi gods since his clan died. While on the Tiger’s Claw, a crewman who had lost his family on Goddard attacks Ralgha with a gun. Colonel Halcyon and guards on the Claw restrain the crewman, saving Ralgha’s life, but Ralgha simply says that he understands the crewman’s feelings.


While in Confederation custody, Ralgha liked to perform physical exercises. He does not stick to a daily routine so as to help time pass more easily – he learned this while in captivity on Ghorah Khar. Ralgha also keeps himself busy learning English and reading Terran literature. He thinks that Humans are very diverse, as if they are composed of many species.

Ralgha and Kirha’s room on the Tiger’s Claw consists of two bunks, three chairs, a desk and hygienic facilities that were fit for most species. Captain Thorn does not send Ralgha to Confederation High Command straight away – the Kilrathi invasion of the Firekka System for their Sivar-Eshrad meant the Tiger’s Claw had an obligation to remain.

“Bugs Bunny screws his mother” was one of Ralgha’s favourite taunts when he was with the Kilrathi Empire. He was very dispirited when he found out that such taunts only produced laughter from Confederation pilots. As a natural consequence of his Kilrathi heritage, Ralgha feels uncomfortable in large Human crowds.

Confederation Pilot

Ralgha eventually signed on as a Confederation pilot and took the callsign Hobbes. The original Hobbes was a Human philosopher. Ross “Downtown” Baldwin suggested the callsign as he considers Ralgha to be very wise. Hobbes played a part in the rebellion of Ghorah Khar and also rescued Downtown when he was still a child. By the time Hobbes was assigned to the TCS Concordia, he had attained the rank of colonel.

On 2665.147, Hobbes and Captain Christopher “Maverick” Blair, fly in Rapiers from the Concordia to reconnoiter the Ghorah Khar system. Although Maverick is assigned as Hobbes’ wingman, Hobbes insists that he leads the wing.

On 2665.154, Hobbes and Maverick launch in Rapiers to escort the Bonnie Heather back to the Concordia. James “Paladin” Taggart, who has been investigating the situation in Ghorah Khar, is the captain of the Bonnie Heather.

On 2665.161, a number of Kilrathi corvettes and fighters attack Olympus Station in the Ghorah Khar system. Hobbes and Maverick are assigned to rendezvous with Broadswords currently guarding a Clydesdale minesweeper before carrying on to defend Olympus. However, they are forced to defend the Concordia from Kilrathi attack before commencing the mission. After the mission Hobbes and Maverick land on Olympus.

On the same day, as Hobbes and Maverick launch from Olympus to return to Concordia, Olympus is attacked by Drakhri. Since Hobbes is officially the wing leader, he is credited with having saved the station, despite both of them flying defense for Olympus.

On 2666.341, Hobbes and Captain Dirk “Stingray” Wright end up in Sickbay. They suffered from multiple cuts and bruises after fighting each other during an argument over Maverick’s loyalty to the Confederation.

Special Operations

After the Confederation victory in the Enigma sector, Hobbes and Maverick are transferred to the Special Operations Division. However, Admiral Tolwyn informs them on 2667.093 that their transfer will be delayed until the Gettysburg mutiny is resolved.

On 2667.094, Paladin takes Major Edmond to Olympus Station in the Bonnie Heather, with Hobbes and Maverick flying as escorts in Crossbows. As soon as Hobbes and Maverick land on Olympus, Hobbes leaves for Ghorah Khar to organise the ground resistance. He returns on the same day with a team of Human pilot trainees, and Paladin asks Maverick to fly with them so they can learn various combat tactics, and learn how to stay alive. Maverick meets Hobbes and his team in space and takes them on a patrol around Olympus Station.

Later, an Imperial Kilrathi intelligence team drops a data pod with invasion plans at the edge of the Ghorah Khar System. Hobbes and Maverick launch to retrieve the data pod so that the Confederation can crack the code and leave another data pod with an invasion plan which would lead the Kilrathi into the main defensive forces.

On 2667.096, Maverick leads an assault wing with Hobbes and Lieutenant Landis to destroy the Kilrathi strike force, which includes two Fralthra cruisers, heading for Ghorah Khar. After the mission, Major Edmond detects the rest of the strike force which consists of five carrier groups.

On the same day, Hobbes and Maverick launch again to defend Olympus station from the next Kilrathi assault, but before the assault begins they receive a message from Paladin aboard the Bonnie Heather, requesting assistance. Hobbes and Maverick fly to assist Paladin and after defeating the Kilrathi there, Maverick rescues an ejected Kilrathi pilot whose life support suit is failing.

The ejected Kilrathi turns out to be Prince Thrakhath. As Hobbes is locking Thrakhath in a cell, the Heather’s damaged power plant suffers a power failure. Prince Thrakhath manages to knock Hobbes unconscious and uses Hobbes’ Crossbow to escape.

On 2667.097, the Bonnie Heather returns to Olympus, arriving fifteen minutes before the two remaining Kilrathi carrier groups attack. Hobbes and Maverick land and immediately launch in Sabres. A wing of pilots from the Gettysburg sent ahead by Admiral Tolwyn arrives to assist them just in time. The Confederation successfully defends Ghorah Khar and allows N’Tanya, K’arakh and Shariha to complete their rebellions against the Kilrathi Empire.

Hobbes contributed to the Kilrathi Psycho-Anthropological Profile published on 2668.312 and is a valuable asset to the Confederation when considering Kilrathi psychology.

TCS Victory

By 2669.203, Hobbes is second-in-command on the TCS Victory. Maverick supposedly also gave the name Hobbes to Ralgha after coming across the name in an old book in a fellow pilot’s collection.

Hobbes is Captain Eisen's executive officer on the TCS Victory since no pilot on the Victory will fly with him. Hobbes made the request himself. Nevertheless, Hobbes is very understanding of the Victory pilots who have rejected him, and states he is honored to serve with them. Maverick insists that Hobbes be reinstated to the flight roster even if he is the only one who will fly with Hobbes.

After reinstatement, Hobbes becomes Maverick’s executive officer on the Victory. He is also made the commanding officer of the Victory’s Thunderbolt squadron: Gold Squadron.

Ralgha in 2669

Traitor to the Confederation

For Maverick’s first three weeks aboard the Victory, Maverick only flies with Hobbes on his wing. His first mission was on 2669.217 – mission Snoop Flight. While Hobbes was engaged in a dogfight with one Kilrathi, three Dralthi ambushed Maverick while he was engaged with another two targets. When Hobbes came to assist Maverick, the Kilrathi mysteriously retreated.

At other times, such as an escort mission in the Tamayo System on 2669.224, the Kilrathi seemed almost eager to avoid Hobbes.

Kilrathi forces that encounter Hobbes were told not to attack the defector. The order came from high up in the Imperial Palace, probably from Prince Thrakhath. Kilrathi ships monitored Confederation communications, to keep track of Hobbes’ location.

On 2669.230, Prince Thrakhath refers to Blair as the Heart of the Tiger.

On 2669.242, Hobbes tells Blair that he realizes he has no future: his own kind thinks he is a traitor and most Humans shun him. He believes all that is left for him is to die fighting. Hobbes still thinks he has an important part to play yet in the war, possibly deciding victory or defeat for the Confederation. At the same time, Prince Thrakhath view Hobbes as the key to ultimate victory over the Confederation.

On 2669.244, the Victory makes a run for the Delius jump point in the Ariel System. Continuing the Kilrathi’s unusual behavior around Hobbes, two attacking Vaktoth fighters retreated when Maverick and Hobbes went after them.

Later, Prince Thrakhath broadcasts a recording of Jeannette Devereaux’s execution to the Victory. The transmission contained hidden signals which triggered Ralgha’s true personality. After seeing the broadcast, Hobbes seemed distracted and suffered from a headache.

Hobbes was present at Tolwyn’s briefing on the Behemoth on 2669.245. He saw the weak spots being pointed out – shown so that the Victory flight wing could better defend the ship.

Hobbes was invited to work with Admiral Tolwyn’s staff as an expert on the Kilrathi psyche in preparation for the Behemoth test run. He was to explain how the Kilrathi Empire would react to the demonstration at Loki VI and possibly the destruction of Kilrah.

On 2669.247, Ralgha sends schematics of the Behemoth and details of Confed’s planned operations for a stealth fighter to the carrier KIS Sar’hrai. He erases the communication logs after sending the data.

On 2669.260, Ralgha kills fellos pilot Cobra, and flees the Victory in a thunderbolt fighter. Christopher Blair pursues and kills him in combat.

Personality Overlay

It was later revealed that the Hobbes Maverick knew was a construct, a result of an identity overlay, by order of Prince Thrakhath. The real Ralgha nar Hhallas remained loyal to the Empire. His true personality returned after seeing Thrakhath’s hidden message in the broadcast of Angel’s execution. Until that time, Hobbes was not aware that anything was different about himself.

The real Ralgha nar Hhallas still held all his memories from his time with the Confederation. He still admired Colonel Blair as a warrior and still considered him a friend. Ralgha recorded this in a holo-message he left for Maverick before he returning to the Kilrathi, stating that if they were to meet again, they would both have to fulfil their duties.

Behind the scenes

In Wing Commander 3, Blair has a choice wether or not to pursue Hobbes and shoot him down when his treason is revealed. If he does, Ralgha dies but also Vaquero who is lost when the Kilrathi attack the Victory while Blair was away. If Blair chooses not to pursue Hobbes directly they will instead meet in the final mission over Kilrah. The video-recording of Hobbes explaining his actions to Blair was not featured in the original Wing Commander 3 game but surfaced later online.