Papogod Pirate Clan

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Papogod Pirate Clan
Homeworld Nomadic
Demonym(s) Papogod

The Papogod Pirate Clan or Papagod Pirate Clan is an outlaw Mutant Clan which engages in piracy and terror in the Tri-System. They are considered to be the most dangerous pirate clan in the region. They focus on attacking military vessels and convoys. The Papogod are rumored to be strongly tied to the Kindred. The Kiowan Pirate Clan is hostile to the Papogods and is suspicious of their connection to the Kindred. Humanoids taken prisoner by the clan are slowly mutated over the course of five years to show them what the Papogods have suffered. The Commerce & Communications Network advises users that it is better to "hit self-destruct" when the Papogod are encountered.

Little is publicly known about the workings of the Papogod. They are nomadic and travel in large groups; the The Commerce & Communications Network displays a graphic of Kastagan to represent the group but it is not known how they are connected to the station. They operate the PLM4 Tembler light fighter, PR2B Ecantona medium fighter, ML4B Ashearer, SH2B Shuttle and PR06 Cruiser. Their spacecraft have brown markings. Kiowans will hire mercenaries to provide support when they are low on resources.



CCN Entry

Papogod Pirate Clan

A kind of Pirate Clan's Pirate Clan, the Papogod are the first, middle and last word in interplanetary outlaw terror. Publishing law prohibits us from describing almost all of the exploits of this Mutant Clan on the grounds of common decency. Let's just say that it isn't very wise to be captured by the Papagod unless you wish to be very painfully mutated over a period of five years, 'just to see how you like it'. If you meet these guys, hit self-destruct. It is also rumoured that there may be a close link between them and the Kindred.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

Little is known about this clan, but it is repeatedly the most dangerous in Tri-System space. Papagods tend to travel in large groups and prey on military vessels and convoys. They are reported to have strong links to the Kindred.


Behind the Screens

Like the other three pirate clans, the Papogods are named after a North American Indigenous group. The Tohono Oʼodham are a tribe of Native Americans which were previously referred to as the "Papago". The tribe rejects this name today.

Game text refers to the clan as the Papogod and Papagod interchangeably; Paoogod is most common.