Jincilla Pirate Clan

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Jincilla Pirate Clan
Homeworld Nomadic
Demonym(s) Jincilla

The Jincilla Pirate Clan is a group of post-New Age raiders who pursue piracy in support of their left-leaning political agenda. The Jincilla operate in the Tri-System unified around their pursuit of environmentalism and animal rights causes. To this end, they do not primarily pursue money and instead target shipments of laboratory animals, lumber, hazardous chemicals, artificial body parts and the like. They have been referred to derisively as "hippies".

The clan is nomadic. They are not particularly aggressive and are considered to be the least-threatening clan in the Tri-System; nevertheless, they do possess the Skull which is one of the most effective pirate fighters. They are known to engage in more traditional predatory criminal behavior when it becomes necessary to secure funding, particularly double dealing and hit jobs. The Commerce & Communications Network advises users to "avoid" them.

The Jincilla originated from a group of mostly humanoid post-new age travelers which developed some unique religious aspects. Little is publicly known about the workings of the Jincilla. They operate the SKUL Skull light fighter, ML05 Veldor medium fighter, PRHA Tacon, SH1A Shuttle and PR6B Cruiser. Their spacecraft have orange markings.



CCN Entry

Jincilla Pirate Clan

Little is known of this clan except that it derives its origin from a bunch of post-new age travellers, mainly humanoid, with the odd bit of spiritual customisation here and there. They are not the most aggressive pirate clan in the Tri-System, but are nonetheless fearsome predators during lean periods in the piracy business. Avoid.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

This clan is mostly humanoid, a group of post-New Age raiders that veered permanently to the left. Environmentalism and animal rights are on their political agenda, and they are attracted to shipments of laboratory animals, lumber, hazardous chemicals, artificial body parts and so forth. They prefer to emphasize the political goals of their actions and generally do not do things for money. However, dissension doesn't pay well, and the need for money will occasionally drive them to double-dealing and even hit jobs. Rumor depicts them as the least-threatening clan, although the Jincilla Skull ships are tough enough to beat.


Behind the Screens

Like the other three pirate clans, the Jincilla are named after a North American Indigenous group. The Apache Jicarilla Apache are a band of Eastern Apache Native Americans.