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Type Space Station
Nav Point 151
Primary User Kiowan Pirate Clan
Kastagan, Tri-System circa 2790.

Kastagan is the only space station designed from the ground up as a base for pirate operations. The base is home port for the Kiowan pirate clan. Internally, it is intentionally clean, colorful and relaxing – a far cry from places like Draknor or Ayer’s Rock. Kastagan is located at Nav. 151 in the Tri-System.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

Draknor is unusual in that it was specifically designed as a safe haven for illegal activities. The corridors are wide and well-lit, the walls in public access areas are made of nearly transparent, impact-absorbing blocks, and color schemes are calm and relaxing. Bins placed throughout the station contain foam balls, plastiform and SpringiesTSM to amuse and pacify guests. The technology is awe-inspiring — biogenetically engineered furniture, hands-free computer interfacing and mind-massage booths. For a station where the most dangerous elements in the system regularly congregate, the occurances of violent outbursts inside the station are extraordinarily rare.

If you can get there without getting blown to bits, then Kastagan is by all accounts a pleasant place to do business.