Kiowan Pirate Clan

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Kiowan Pirate Clan
Homeworld Kastagan
Demonym(s) Kiowan
Government Kiowan High Council

The Kiowan Pirate Clan is a humanoid pirate clan which engages in organized crime in the Tri-System. The public believes they are lightweight career criminals who prefer computer hacking and fraud to violence. They are considered to be darker and more sinister than the Jincilla. They also prey on civilian and military transports with a focus on weapons shipments. They are opposed to the Papogod and suspect that they are allied with the Kindred. The Commerce & Communications Network advises users to "keep well clear".

The clan is based on Kastagan at Nav 151. The location of their base continues to vary. The Kiowan operate the PLM2 Vector light fighter, MLA5 Leighat medium fighter, PRHB Krell, SH1B Shuttle and CR2A Cruiser. Their spacecraft have red markings. Kiowans will hire mercenaries to provide support when they are low on resources.



CCN Entry

Kiowan Pirate Clan
Space Station (Location variable)

The second of the humanoid pirate clans known to be at large, this lot project a slightly darker and more sinister mystique than the Jincilla 'hippies'. They are thought to be a collection of fairly lightweight career criminals, favouring computer hacking and fraud as opposed to violent robbery and assault. However, do not be fooled. Their ships will invariably contain the latest state-of-the-art kit to make your day miserable. Keep well clear.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

Although these guys are lightweight career criminals who specialize in computer hacking and fraud, do not underestimate them. They are not above preying on civilian and military transports, and they are particularly attracted to weapons shipments. They tend to arm their own ships with state-of-the-art technology. They also run out of resources every so often and have been known to use the mercenaries mailing list in a pinch. They are extremely suspicious of the Papagod, whom they suspect to be in alliance with the Kindred.


Behind the Screens

Like the other three pirate clans, the Kiowan are named after a North American Indigenous group. The Kiowa are a tribe of Native Americans.