Omega Wing (Vigrid System)

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Omega Wing
Date 2655.199
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Joseph Khumalo
Previous Omicron Wing (Vigrid System)
Next The Secret Missions 1.5
Mission Success
Alpha Wing (Border Zone System) (SM1.5)
Mission Failure
Iota Wing (Retreating from Kilrathi Territory)
Next LaFong Entry:
After the Secret Missions

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

This was the mission we had been working toward. We knew the location of the Sivar and we were preparing to blow it away. Colonel Halcyon decided to launch strike wings from two different locations, hoping to confuse the Sivar's defenses. Omega was part of the first launch, then the carrier would move to Nav 3 and send more fighters into space.

Mission Profile:

Take out the Kilrathi advance forces around Nav 1, then move on the Sivar at Nav 2. Rendezvous with the Tiger's Claw at Nav 3.

Mission Chronology:

1. We hit asteroids when 40,000 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Two Krant were guarding a Dorkir 12,000 kilometers from Nav 1. Soon after, two more Krant joined the dogfight.
3. Four Krant attacked 19,679 kilometers from Nav 2. During the dogfight we spotted the Sivar with two Krant escorts.
4. During our battle with the Sivar at Nav 2, five Jalthi and nine Gratha attacked in multiple waves.
5. On return to carrier, four Krant attacked near Nav 3.

Post-Mission Analysis:

You can't make many mistakes and still destroy 22 enemy fighters in one dogfight. We didn't make any.

Every afterburner slide against the Jalthi, and there were plenty, avoided their fire and put us in position to inflict heavy damage with full guns. At long distance we hit the Krant with lasers, then used our speed to move in close, hit hard with the neutrons, and race away at full afterburners.

Once the fighters were gone, the Sivar was an exposed, plodding enemy. I launched all my missiles, then just kept attacking from the rear - and attacking and attacking.

Next LaFong Entry: After the Secret Missions

Preflight Conversations

Talk to Shotglass

Hey there, Maverick Hurry up and get to the Briefing Hall.
It's time to finish this pleasure cruise, one way or the other.
Best of luck to you, Major Blair!

Talk to Bossman

Good day, Maverick. I'm glad to talk to someone besides our resident lunatics.
I've been writing a letter home...just in case we don't make it back.
Have you seen the latest holopics of my family, Maverick?
Maverick: No, Boss...can't say that I have.
Bossman: I'd like to show them to you later. I miss them very much.
I hope that this mission ends soon, so we can return to Vega.

Talk to Maniac

Hey there, Maverick. I'm sure that I'll be flying against the Sivar soon.
In case I don't'll have to take out that ship for me.
I know that I'll be the one to do it. Just like in my dream...
But if I die too quickly, then it's up to you, Maverick.
Use your missiles first. But if nothing else works, I want you to hit them at ramming speed.
Just in case, y'know?

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

Everyone present? Good.
We're now ready to go after the Sivar.
This is the best shot we'll get at her, so let's make it count.
I've had difficulty deciding which pilot I should send first...
...because they're likely to meet the greatest resistance.
After our first strike launches, the Claw will move to a new vantage point...
...where we will launch the remaining wings.
With any luck, the Sivar won't expect attack from two separate vectors.
All through this mission, the Sivar's been escorted by a substantial fleet.
We've picked off that fleet, ship by ship....
But we can't be sure we've nailed all of them. So be VERY careful out there.
...I don't want to lose any more. On this mission---
Hunter, none of this is personal. Keep it on a business level.

Ian St. John

If you say so, sir.

Peter Halcyon

Angel, give 'em hell... but don't accept any in kind.

Jeannette Devereaux

Je comprends, mon colonel.

Peter Halcyon

Maniac, I want you stay alive during this one. I know about your nightmares---

Todd Marshall

But, sir---

Peter Halcyon

They're just dreams, kid. This is what's real. And I need you alive, to fight the cats again. Understand?

Todd Marshall

Yes, sir!

Peter Halcyon

Bossman, stay cautious... just don't be TOO cautious.

Kien Chen

No problem, sir.

Peter Halcyon

Knight, you've always been a pro. Don't get sloppy now.

Joseph Khumalo

I'm on-line and up to speed, sir.

Peter Halcyon

Spirit, if you harbor any romantic notions about self-sacrifice---

Mariko Tanaka

No, sir. Anything I sacrifice today will bear fur and whiskers.

Peter Halcyon

Glad to hear it.
Paladin, flying a desk IS better than breathing vacuum. Just trust me on that one, okay?

James Taggart

Are you just sayin' that so you can get drunk at my retirement party, sir?

Peter Halcyon

Iceman... uh... just do what you always do.

Michael Casey

Forget the goodbyes, sir. Let's get this show on the road.

You consider what the Commander said.

He was saying goodbye to the pilots... just in case.

Peter Halcyon

Maverick You're teamed with Knight again, as Omega Wing.
Here's the scenario.
Head first to Nav 1. Try to destroy any of the remaining support fleet.
They are NOT your main objective, though...that's the Sivar, at Nav Two.
If you are able to destroy the Sivar, hit your afterburners and come home.
Rendezvous with the Tiger's Claw at Nav 3.
Questions? No? Good luck, Maverick. We'll see you at Nav 3.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing -- $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
We've got the kill on record, Maverick. Congratulations.
Personally, I knew that you'd come through for us.
I will see to it that Confederation High Command rewards you for this.
What do you have to add to the report?
Christopher Blair
Not much, sir.
The Sivar had a strong fighter escort. My guess is that the heavier ships ...
... have already maneuvered out of system.
Maybe they thought they could intercept the Tiger's Claw and prevent our strike.
Like the Fralthi at Nav 1...that ship is dusted, sir.
But the Sivar still had a wing of Krant, Jalthi, and Gratha on ready-five.
Peter Halcyon
The recorder shows you with killing $K, Maverick.
It shows Knight with $L.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. But I managed to bag the Sivar...
Compared to that... nothing else matters much, does it?
Peter Halcyon
Damn right, Maverick. You've struck a fatal blow to their plans for conquering humanity.
Now it's time to go home.