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McGuffin (First Name Unknown)
Place of death TCS Concordia, Niven System
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Years of service ?-2666
Rank Lieutenant
Unit TCS Concordia
Battles/wars Third Enigma Campaign

McGuffin was a young communications officer aboard the TCS Concordia up until the year 2666. He was a citizen of the Terran Confederation.

McGuffin began his service in the Terran Confederation sometime after 2650, and eventually became the Concordia communications officer during the Enigma Sector Campaign. During the Concordia's offensive in the Niven System in 2666, McGuffin allowed Major Zachary Colson to watch the communications station while he left to get a cup of coffee. What he failed to realize was that Colson was an agent for the Society of Mandarins, and when he returned from his break, he discovered Colson relaying classified data to the Kilrathi. Before he had time to react, he was shot dead by Colson, and the latter resumed the message.

Colson later framed Dirk Wright for the murder by placing his pilot's wings in McGuffin's hands. McGuffin's murder forced the Concordia to ban all personal firearms until the culprit could be identified. Colson's role in the murder was later discovered, and played a role in Colson's conviction for murder and high treason against the Terran Confederation, earning him the death penalty.

Behind the Screens

  • The name "McGuffin" is a deliberate play on the word "MacGuffin", which is a term coined by English director Alfred Hitchcock for a plot device meant to further motivate a story. McGuffin's murder in the game motivates the subplot surrounding Colson's status as a traitor.