Mu Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)

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Mu Wing
Date 2654.286.0600
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Ian St. John
Other Friendly Ships Exeter-Class Destroyer at Nav 1
Objectives Defend Exeter
Previous Theta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)
Next Phi Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong


Major Pitak Puzaki
Captain Reynolds Carpenter

Ship Type:

Scimitar's; assigned to the TCS Eagle's Talon


An Exeter was under heavy attack and Mu Wing was selected to provide assistance. We'd been ordered to make all possible speed and avoid any other enemies encountered en route to the destroyer.


Four Dralthi showed up on our way to meet the Exeter. I ordered Carpenter to form on my wing, turned right, and kept the afterburners running at full power. When the blips disappeared from the radar screen, we altered course to bring the nav cursor back into view. Continued on full afterburners until we reached our destination.
Four Gratha were bearing down on the Exeter. Break and attack ordered, and we hit full afterburners and raced toward the destroyer. I targeted each attacking ship in turn and tried every insult in my communications repertoire. Three ships turned from the Exeter to confront our wing.
Carpenter launched both of his Darts as the three Gratha headed toward us. I fired a quick volley from the Gatling, then broke right and hit the afterburners to go after the Gratha that was still hitting the Exeter. Concentrating on the one ship, two other Gratha hit me hard from the rear and sent my shield protection tumbling. I ignored the threat and destroyed my first target with my mass drivers and a Javelin HS. Eject warning sounded when a missile caught me from the rear and I punched out. Back at the Talon, I discovered that Carpenter had completed the mission on his own.

Preflight Conversations


Seen the news on the trid lately?
Looks like the Kilrathi are startin' to land marines on Toadstool.
That's the only habitable world in the Hell's Kitchen system, you know.
If the Kilrathi can push our people off, we're finished here!
They ran some footage of the fightin' on the planet...
...and it wasn't pretty.
I don't think our boys can keep the Kilrathi off the civilians much longer.
Sure is quiet around the rec room these days.

Talk to HUNTER

Iceman, 'ere, tells me tha' the furballs 'ave been plantin' mines around...
I was thinkin' we might try to use those mines to our advantage
If we're dogfightin' near a mine field, why not try to lead 'em into it?
There'll be more of them than there are of us...' if we concentrate on the avoidin' the mines...
...while they're thinkin' of shootin' us,
...they might just run into a few mines by accident!

Talk to ICEMAN

Ah, Maverick, hello.
Things are looking bad, aren't they?
I've heard they've begun to plan for the evacuation of this system.
The Kilrathi seem to be everywhere lately...
...and where they're not, they've left their mines behind them!
Ian St. John
Not to worry, mate Their mines'll blow up their ships as soon as ours.
Michael Casey
Hunter thought their mines could be used against them...
...but I'm not so sure.
I say you can't be too careful when you're flying through a mine field!

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Hell’s Kitchen System, 06:00 hours, 2654.286.

Peter Halcyon
I know everyone's giving all they've got...
...but the Kilrathi keep throwing more at us.
Sector Command has ordered the evacuation of civilians from Hell's Kitchen.
Christopher Blair
I thought they were evacuating people to Hell's Kitchen, sir, not from it...
Peter Halcyon
They were, Maverick. But the Kitchen turned out to be just a stopover.
So it's our job to hold the system as best we can... cover the Confederate retreat.
Right now, several of our vessels are under attack around the system.
We'll be sending wings out to help in their defense.
Maverick, you'll fly Mu Wing to assist an Exeter-class Destroyer.
Hunter will fly on your wing again.
Ian St. John
Once more into the breach, mate!
Peter Halcyon
Here's the situation...
The Exeter is currently at Nav 1...
You'll head straight for her, and help in her defense.
She's under attack by at least four Dralthi...
...apparantly led by the Deathstroke, Dakhath.
So I want you to get over to that Exeter as fast as you can.
If you're intercepted, simply evade and proceed to Nav 1.
You are not to engage any enemy vessels en route, understand?
Ian St. John
Aw, colonel, that takes the fun out of it!
Christopher Blair
I understand, sir. No distractions, no delays.
Peter Halcyon
Good. Any last questions?
All right, then. Let's get out there.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 16:00 hours, 2654.286.

Peter Halcyon
I just spoke to the commander of the destroyer, $C.
Excellent job. He was very impressed.
Christopher Blair
Did the best we could, sir. The gunners on the destroyer get some credit, too.
Peter Halcyon
Did you run into that furry bastard, Dakhath?
Ian St. John
Bloody right, we did. Gave 'im what for, as well.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir! Took him out, too.
Peter Halcyon
Good work, Maverick.
Well, let's review the mission report.
You took out 8 of the Kilrathi fighters, Maverick...
while Hunter got 5.
That's all, then. Dismissed.