Admiral Terrell's Office

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Admiral Terrell's Office
Privater - Screenshot - Terrell Office.png

Admiral Terrell's Office was the formal working space of Admiral David Terrell at Perry Naval Base. The office was located off of the base's main concourse with a window looking out into space. It was furnished with a desk, couch, bookshelf, strategic map and two maps of Earth. The office was guarded by Terrell's attaché, Sandra Goodin, who was responsible for keeping out unwanted visitors.

In 2669, Admiral Terrell met with Grayson Burrows in his office to request that he act as bait to destroy a suspected Kilrathi secret weapon which turned out to be a Steltek drone. Terrell debrief Burrows afterwards in the office. He again summoned Burrows to the office in 2670 to offer him survey work as part of the campaign against the Church of Man. Burrows met with Terrell in the office again to accept the bounty on Mordecai Jones.

The office was destroyed along with the station during the Nephilim War.


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In earlier designs for Wing Commander Privateer, Admiral Terrell's office was located on New Constantinople.

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