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Privateer - Screenshot - Landing Pad - Asteroid - Tarsus.png
Fee 50 credits per landing (scaling)

A Hangar or Landing Pad is a building or structure designed to hold aircraft or spacecraft. Hangars in the Gemini Sector employ staff to maintain the automatic docking equipment, radio personnel, administrators and cargo loaders and unloaders. Hangars charges a 50 credit landing fee to cover costs that include this staff, providing jump fuel and equipment costs; a small portion of the fee is a tax which covers base maintenance. The fee is reduced to as much as zero if a ship owner can not afford to pay. Exploratory Services' officer Gabriel Quentin wrote about hangars in GEMINI SECTOR: AN OVERVIEW.

Hangar Types

Wing Commander Privateer Player's Guide


The first impression you get of any base is its hangar. Hangar protection and services are provided by the base in order to avoid racketeering and crowded conditions. They do charge a landing fee that covers the cost of loading ships with jump fuel, staff, equipment and other costs, as well as a small part serving as a tax to pay for the base’s maintenance. This fee, while a flat rate, is allowed to drop so as to never charge you more than you can afford. Hangars have always been important to the economy of a base. They employ a large number of people to maintain the automatic docking equipment, as radio personnel, administrators, and cargo loaders and unloaders. Many pilots assume that the hangar is just a place to park one’s ship, when in fact it is an industry as thriving as any other — except perhaps more important to spacefarers. Imagine the chaos if the hangars all shut down ...

Wing Commander Privateer Reference Guide

Hangar. This is the first place you see on any base. From here you may go to the Main Concourse or launch into space.


Behind the Screens

Source Models

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  • PAD - Landing Pad
  • CLUNKPAD - Landing Pad with Tarsus
  • TUGPAD - Landing Pad with Orion
  • MERCHPAD - Landing Pad with Galaxy
  • FIGHTPAD - Landing Pad with Centurion