Heretic Medium Fighter ML02

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Type Civilian Medium Fighter
Model ML02
Primary User Civilians
Introduction 2789
General Characteristics
Length 17.5061 meters
Crew 2 (Pilot & Passenger)
Cost c100,000
Maximum Yaw 65 dps
Maximum Pitch 65 dps
Maximum Roll 65 dps
Acceleration 60 k/s2
Maximum 428 kps
Maximum Afterburner 855 kps
Stream Laser (4)
Mounts 4
Default Missile Loadout

Mounts 6
Signal Filter
Binary Signal Emitter
Mounts 5
Decoys Decoy Mk. I (10) "DecoyMk.I(" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 10.
Fore 187.5 cm equivalent
Aft 187.5 cm equivalent
Side 187.5 cm equivalent
Front 125 cm
Rear 125 cm
Side 125 cm
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Heretic is a high-end medium fighter available on the private market in the Tri-System.

Two of the Tri-System's most well-known pilots, Leon J. Spudley and Alopecia Cook, fly the Heretic. Heretics often fall into less reputable hands. In 2790, a pair of Duresses and a pair of Heretics abandoned a load of synthetic organs bound for an Anhur Orphanage to pirates. Finbhar Cratchett, the orphanage director, placed a bounty on their heads. Pirate clans also fly the craft - another even quartet of Duresses and Heretics, this time flown by Jincilla pilots, posed as mercenaries to lure the transport ship Lubanna into a trap.

Never the less, mercenaries flying Heretics also make more noble choices. A pair of the fighters defended a convoy of refugees traveling from Hephaestus to Anhur. The convoy was found to be carrying weapons to Karatikus, and was attacked in an operation planned by Lord Mike Vonx. The Heretic pilots opted to defend only the transports carrying passengers. Xavier Shondi hired a mercenary Heretic to defend his arms shipment to Karatikus in 2670. A pair of Heretic pilots acted as seconds for Count Perrymore during his duel with Baron Conrad Velder.

The Heretic entered service before 2789. Notable Heretics include F821_234F (2789) and T300_241A (classified) and M364_645G. Heretic M364_645G was lost around Nav Point 89 in 2790.


1. As depicted in internal models for Privateer 2: The Darkening.