Gwynedd System - Series 1 - Mission 3

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Gwynedd System - Series 1 - Mission 3
Fighter Ferret
Wingmen Elizabeth Norwood
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The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Things had really changed since the old days on the Tiger's Claw. Enemy capital ships now carried armor that prevented their destruction by anything less than a torpedo. Only our Broadswords and Sabres carried the heavy armament.

With few fighters functional after the attack, Colonel Devereaux had no choice but to ask us to escort a wing of Broadswords in an attack on a Fralthra cruiser. We were ordered to take out the fighter escorts, then back off while the Broadswords did the heavy work.

Nav 1 was clear, but we found three Sartha guarding the large Kilrathi ship. The first two fell quickly, but the third was piloted by an Imperial Guardsman who could really fly. I ordered Shadow to attack my target, then taunted the enemy to keep him away from our Broadswords, and we started to chase the Drakhai. He had us looping, circling, and rolling, but eventually our combined fire-power was just too much. With his weak side shields, all we had to do was hit him twice in quick succession.

The Broadswords took care of the unprotected Fralthra, and we headed back to the Concordia under autopilot. Shadow saw the three enemy fighters first. It was my first dogfight against a Jalkehi, and I al-most lost my life when I approached one straight in from the rear. I'd read about the rear turret neutron on the heavy fighter, but it must not have registered. Luckily, my afterburners took me out of range after only one shot had connected with my Ferret.

The Jalkehi were pretty slow, but they really packed a lot of firepower. We kept taunting them away from the Broadswords, but it took a change of strategy to take them out. We kept hitting the afterburners, pulling slides, and trying to hit them from a side position. Normally, I liked to hit heavy fighters from the rear. When they had position, we just burned away, then started our attack all over again. Our patience won the battle.

Author's Note

The Fralthra must be destroyed if you are to continue on the winning path in the Wing Commander II game.

Mission Briefing

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