Elizabeth Norwood

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Elizabeth Norwood
- 2665.112
Callsign Shadow
Place of death Gwynedd System
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch In-System Security
Years of service - 2665.112
Rank Captain

Elizabeth Norwood was a Human pilot in the service of the Terran Confederation and was active in the reserves during the Terran-Kilrathi War.


Elizabeth Norwood was an active member of the Confederation's In-System Security in the Gwynedd System prior to 2665, during which time she was stationed on Caernarvon Station. By 2665, she held the rank of Captain and went by the callsign "Shadow".

Norwood was a close friend of famed Terran pilot Christopher Blair. After the destruction of the TCS Tiger's Claw by Kilrathi stealth fighters in 2656, Colonel Blair, being one of the only survivors of the attack, was convicted of negligence. He was demoted to Captain and spent the next ten years on Caernarvon Station, far from the front lines. During his service on the station, he regularly flew patrols alongside Norwood and she soon became one of his only friends following the Claw disaster.

Norwood was also known to favor the P-64 Ferret when in combat, citing its excellent speed.

Norwood, being a reservist, was not used to interstellar combat with the Kilrathi, so when Gwynedd was invaded in 2665, she found herself increasingly anxious. She was due to retire within a month so that she could return to her family. In spite of her fears, she loyally served alongside Blair during the defense of the TCS Concordia. During this action, she insisted to the commanders of the Claw that Blair be transferred to the Concordia, knowing that his skills would be better used on a carrier rather than a security outpost. Despite the odds, Colonel Jeannette Devereaux agreed to attempt to secure Blair's transfer.


Norwood flew on Blair's wing as they fought to defend the damaged Concordia from the growing number of Kilrathi forces. Shadow fought valiantly, but was pursued by Kilrathi starfighters and ultimately killed in action. Blair returned to the Concordia, where he was to remain as the vessel was then making a jump to Niven.

Norwood's death hit Blair very hard, as she was a mere month away from retirement and one of his only friends after the Claw was destroyed. She was given a traditional space funeral on the decks of the Concordia, hosted by Colonel Devereaux. Blair was bitter towards his superiors in the days following Norwood's death, and continued to value her friendship.