Gwynedd System - Series 1 - Mission 4

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Gwynedd System - Series 1 - Mission 4
Fighter Ferret
Wingmen Elizabeth Norwood
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Admiral Tolwyn was on the Concordia. When he found out I was flying combat missions from the carrier, he went nuts. I was ordered to return to Caernarvon Station.

Shadow and I had just requested a landing at the station, when another Mayday was transmitted by the Concordia. This time an internal explosion had wrecked the newly repaired launch bay, and enemy fighters were racing in to take advantage of the carrier's inability to launch.

We saw the first blips on the radar when we were 20,226 kilometers from the carrier. It wasn't just fighters. A Fralthra was also moving toward the Concordia. "We can't do anything about the capital ship," I thought, "but we can raise hell with that fighter wing." I ordered Shadow to break and attack against the four Drakhri medium fighters.

When you're flying a Ferret, your options are limited. We had speed and mass drivers, but that was all. The Drakhri kept trying to put distance between us, so they could hit us with their Wingman: Shadow long-range laser cannons. We didn't let them. Without rear tur- Ship: Ferret rets on the medium fighters, we just stayed on the afterburners and tried to hit them from the back side. We stayed with a target until destroyed, since allowing them to regenerate shields would be a tragic error. We each took out two fighters.

The Fralthra continued to ap-proach the Concordia, but there was nothing we could do. When Shadow noticed five Salthra on her tail, I radioed for help. The carrier still couldn't launch, but she was able to use her torpedoes and guns to help us out.

The dogfight was like being in a whirlwind. The five enemy fighters dictated the action; we reacted to their moves. It's a good thing our armor was heavy, because we took some shots. I saw Shadow's ship go down, but didn't see her eject. I managed to destroy four, while the carrier hit the Fralthra and one of the fighters.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing