Kilrathi Home Fleet

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The Kilrathi Home Fleet was also known as the First Fleet of the Claw in the Kilrathi military command structure. The Home Fleet was the personnel fleet of the Emperor of Kilrah. The Drakhai were assigned to the flight wings of the carriers and to the Imperial Legions. To be assigned to the Drakhai and the Home Fleet was an honor as they were the Imperial Guard and protected the Emperor and the homeworld of Kilrah.

Once the Kilrathi gained space flight Kilrah had become the sole property of the Emperor and the ruling Kiranka clan. The Home Fleet was as much a political tool as it was a military weapon. It protected the Emperor from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and his seat of power on Kilrah. In situations of cultural importance the Home Fleet could be deployed to participate in combat operations.

During the Terran-Kilrathi War, the Home Fleet was deployed for the Sivar-Eshrad ceremony on Firekka in 2655.293. It was also deployed in 2667 to counter the Confederation's invasion and false occupation of Vukar Tag. All ten carriers of the Home Fleet and several legions of Imperial Marines were sent to avenge the honor of the Emperor's dowager mother Graknala whose ancestral home was destroyed during the invasion. This deployment resulted in the Battle of Vukar Tag and the First Battle of Kilrah. In both engagements the Kilrathi suffered heavily. At Vukar Tag five of the seven carriers involved were destroyed by the Confederation while two more were heavily damaged, four Imperial Legions were completely annihilated and Kalralahr of Fleets Rusmak and Kalralahr of the Imperial Legions Gar were killed.

The First Fleet of the Claw formed the operational reserve for the offensive that culminated in the Battle of Earth in 2668. Many of the Drakhai were stationed with the Fifth Fleet of the Claw during this operation as the First Fleet had been reduced to three operational carriers after the losses of 2667.