Episode 4 - Winning Mission 9 - Looking for Leyte

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Looking for Leyte
Date 2668.364.2047
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Longshot and Vixen
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Rapiers
At Leyte Gulf
1 wing of Rapiers
  • Primary
    • Protect the Firekka
  • Hidden Primary
    • Protect the Leyte Gulf
Previous Episode 4 - Winning Mission 8 - Skinning Cats
Next Leyte Gulf survives
Episode 4 - Winning Mission 10A - Tactical Withdrawal
Leyte Gulf lost
Episode 4 - Winning Mission 10B - Out the Back Door

Preflight Conversations


We've got something of a problem, Captain. As you know, the Confed fleet has become... somewhat dispersed, during the last Kilrathi strike. The bulk of the fleet is concentrating around the jump point, but several ships have been essentially cut off by Kilrathi forces. We're one of them. Needless to say, we need to rejoin the fleet... before it leaves. Fortunately - well, unfortunately for them, I suppose - there is another Confed carrier out here, the Leyte Gulf. If we can join up with them, we'll be able to punch through the Kilrathi picket and rejoin the fleet. So, you will escort us to the Leyte's position. Not much else to say here - we're taking the shortest, fastest possible path, and naturally, you must be on your guard. The Kilrathi will definitely attack!

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This is a capship escort mission. The Firekka needs to rendezvous with the Leyte Gulf and prepare to jump out of system. The player flies a Rapier in this mission. A second wing of Rapiers aids the player.

Until the Leyte NAV is clean, ejection always means capture.

There is an intercept nav between the Firekka and Leyte Gulf. It contains: six Gothri and six Hhriss. The Gothri target the Firekka. You need to be careful here. The Gothri will try to get behind you and take out the Firekka from behind. Make sure to make the Gothri your first targets with the Nav Map.

At the Leyte Nav there is: TCS Leyte Gulf and four Rapiers flying escort. They are being attacked by four Grikath, six Krants and two Kamekhs. The Grikath and Kamekhs both attack the Leyte Gulf. You need to ensure its survival to continue on the winning path.