Episode 4 - Winning Mission 10B - Out the Back Door

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Out the Back Door
Date 2668.364.2201
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Longshot and Gunner
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Rapiers
  • Primary
    • Escort the Firekka to the Jump Point
Previous Episode 4 - Winning Mission 9 - Looking for Leyte
Next Episode 5 - Losing Mission 12 - Rearguard Duties

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: Well, Captain, it's all over. The battle of Sirius is finished, and our fleet is getting ready to jump back to Sol. With the Leyte gone, however, there is no way that we could punch our way through to rejoin them. As you can imagine, that leaves us with very little choice. In a matter of hours at the most, the Kilrathi will send everything they have to take us out of action once and for all - a carrier, even a small one such as ours, is not something they can tolerate out on their flank. So, we're going to cut our losses and head straight for the Luyten jump point.

Bradshaw: Luyten? But that takes us away from Sol!

Reismann: Yes, it does. From Luyten, it's another three jumps to Sol. But, if we're lucky, we'll still make it in time to take part in the battle... which we won't, trying to punch through to the Sol jump point here. So... well, take us to Luyten, Captain.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

The player flies a Rapier for this capship escort mission. The player needs to escort the Firekka to the Luyten jump point.

Ejection always means rescue.

Twenty seconds after launch, nine Sartha and three Krants appear. Sixty seconds later, five Gothri appear and target the Firekka. Use your Nav Map to intercept them. Once all enemies are killed the player is allowed to autopilot.

There is an intercept nav along the way with three Drakhri.

This mission is always a success