Episode 4 - Winning Mission 10A - Tactical Withdrawal

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Tactical Withdrawal
Date 2668.364.2210
Fighter Sabre
Wingmen Popsicle and Squealer
Other Friendly Ships Start of mission
1 wing of Rapiers
1 wing of Sabres
Wake-class carrier TCS Firekka
Jutland-class carrier TCS Leyte Gulf
Arrive during mission
5 Venture-class corvettes
1 wing of Epees
1 wing of Morningstars
  • Primary
    • Protect the Firekka
    • Protect the Leyte Gulf
Previous Episode 4 - Winning Mission 9 - Looking for Leyte
Next Episode 5 - Winning Mission 11 - First Encounters

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: All right, Captain. We've managed to join up with the Leyte... but I'm afraid we're not out of the woods yet. There's still quite some distance between us and the main body of the fleet. We have to close that gap now - before the cats put a capship between us and the fleet. So, today we'll sail straight for our fleet. Your job, obviously, will be to keep us safe.

Bradshaw: Any idea what kind of resistance we can expect?

Reismann: Well, about the only thing we know for certain is that the cats wouldn't have yet had time to bring anything bigger than a corvette into this area. But other than that... be perpared for anything. The Admiral, in any case, is expecting trouble - he's dispatched a squadron of corvettes to patrol our flank. So, the good news is, we're not alone. If the cats attack, the corvettes will help us out. Good luck out there - we're all depending on you.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This is another capship escort mission. The player has to escort the Leyte and Firekka to the jump point flying a Sabre. Six fighters support the player.

Until the battle at the intercept nav is finished, ejection always means capture.

After launch and autopiloting the player encounters an intercept nav. There are the following enemies there: nine Kamekhs and six Drakhri. The Kamekhs target the Leyte Gulf and Firekka. Ninety seconds after the player’s arrival five Confederation corvettes arrive to support the player. At the same time, six Krants and six Jalkehi appear at the opposite side of the nav point. The Confed corvettes will target the Kamekhs if there are any left.

Thirty seconds after the corvettes arrive: three Gothri, three Hhriss and six Sartha appear. The Gothri attack the Firekka. This is another situation where you Nav Map comes in very handy. Be sure to use it wisely.

Over the next sixty seconds the following ships launch from the Leyte Gulf: five Epees and five Morningstars. Once all enemies are defeated the player may autopilot to the Concordia Nav.

This mission is always a success