Episode 4 - Winning Mission 8 - Skinning Cats

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Skinning Cats
Date 2668.364.1227
Fighter Sabre
Wingmen none
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Stilettos, 2 Sabres
  • Primary
    • Defend the Firekka
  • Hidden Primary
    • Defend the Reims
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Preflight Conversations


There is no briefing. This mission is a scramble.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission is a scramble. It follows on Bradshaw learning of Spoons’ death. You are flying a Sabre. You have no one on your wing. There are five friendly fighters also operating in the Firekka’s defense.

Ejection always means rescue, but until all the Reims attackers are dead, ejection kills the Reims.

Upon launch you are instantly attacked by two Gothri which are positioned behind you. It is best to AB at launch and turn up, down, or right, since the Gothri are to your rear left. This should avoid getting damaged the instant you launch. Three Gothri and three Jalkehi comprise the first attack wave (this includes the two mentioned previously).

Thirty seconds after launch six Drakhri appear at the edge of the nav point. When all the enemies are dead the player receives a distress call from the TCS Reims.

At the Reims Nav Point, three Grikath are targeting the Reims and twelve Drakhri (including Dakhath Deathstroke).

The Reims begins to launch fighters sixty seconds after the player arrives. Two Rapiers launch every ten seconds to support the player.

If the Reims is saved the mission is a success, otherwise it is a failure.