Episode 4 - Winning Mission 7 - Moskva's Endgame

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Moskva's Endgame
Date 2668.364.1129
Fighter Rapier or Sabre
Wingmen Swordfish and Foxtrot (Rapier)
Troll and Hotdog (Sabre)
Other Friendly Ships 2 wings of Rapiers, 1 wing of Sabres
  • Primary
    • Protect the Mosvka
  • Hidden Primary
    • Protect the Moskva during evacuation
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Episode 4 - Winning Mission 6B - Torpedo Deliveries
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Preflight Conversations


We just got word from the Moskva, Captain. They took a lot of hits during the last Kilrathi attack. Truth be told, even without further attacks they might not make it. But they're not giving up, and we must help them. Right now, Moskva's pulled most of her fighters in - most of the ships were in terrible shape, so they're taking advantage of the pause to fix them up a bit. Until those ships are back up in the air, your wing will have to keep them safe. Get to it, Captain. Dismissed.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission allows you to choose either the Rapier or Sabre to pilot. The mission is a defense/escort mission. The Moskva is being evacuated because of battle damage. Your job is to make sure the evacuation goes smoothly.

Ejection always means rescue.

Three Rapiers and three Sabres comprise the player’s flight. Once you arrive at the Moskva you have a bit of time before the Kilrathi appear.

Thirty seconds after player arrival the following Kilrathi appear: three Grikath, six Gratha and twelve Hhriss. Both the Gratha and Grikath target the Moskva. You need to use your Nav Map to keep ahead of the bombing attacks and keep the Moskva alive long enough for the evacuation.

Once the Kilrathi are dead the evacuation begins. You need to protect the shuttles from further attack. Nine Rapiers and nine Hermes-Class Shuttles launch from the Moskva every five seconds.

After the Moskva planes launch the following Kilrathi appear: three Gothri and six Sartha. The Gothri target the Moskva while the Sartha go after the shuttles. After all enemies are destroyed you can autopilot to the Rescue Nav. The Destroyer Group will handle the shuttles, the fighters return with the player to the Firekka and replenish its fighter wing.

If the evacuation was finished successfully the mission is a success, otherwise it is a failure.