Episode 4 - Winning Mission 6A - Torpedo Delivery

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Torpedo Delivery
Date 2668.363.2340
Fighter Rapier, Sabre or Crossbow
Wingmen Sparrow and Vixen (Rapier)
Saxman and Raider (Sabre or Crossbow)
Other Friendly Ships 3 wings of Rapiers, 1 wing of Crossbows, 1 wing of Morningstars, 1 wing of Sabres
  • Primary
    • Destroy Hakaga-class Supercarrier
  • Secondary
    • Destroy or damage Snakeir-class carrier (A)
    • Destroy or damage Snakeir-class carrier (B
    • Destroy or damage as many escort vessels as possible
Previous Episode 4 - Winning Mission 5 - Clearing the Path
Next Episode 4 - Winning Mission 7 - Moskva's Endgame

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: Well, Captain, thanks to your excellent work on your last mission, the main strike force has been able to penetrate Kilrathi defences. No hits have been reported on the enemy carriers yet, but they're certainly not going to get away clean. I want you to lead our wings in a follow-up strike. I know you and your people need some rest, but this opportunity is just too important to pass up. Can you do it?

Bradshaw: Count on it, Commodore.

Reismann: Good. The Concordia has also launched a follow-up, so you can expect to see some of their ships in the target area too. Just remember, it's those super-carriers of theirs we're after - while you may go after other targets of opportunity at your discretion, do not forget what your main objective is. Good luck... and make the bastards pay!

Bradshaw: Oh, we will, sir!

Mission Layout

Player Notes

A strike against the biggest target you can find, a Hakaga. This mission can be difficult, although many find it easier (compared to the Ep3 Snakeir mission) than one would think. This is a triple choice mission. You can fly the Rapier, Sabre or Crossbow. Each ship represents a slightly different approach to the mission and its objectives. The Firekka’s wings rendezvous with several wings from the Concordia at the Target Area Nav. The player’s wings will change based on the ship they have chosen to fly. The Concordia’s wing consists of: five Sabres (one piloted by Major Wright, Stringray), five Morningstars and five Rapiers.

Until all Kilrathi capships have been destroyed, ejection at Target Area NAV means capture. Everywhere else, ejection is safe at any time.

The Kilrathi forces consist of: KIS Tarvakh (Hakaga), two Snakeirs, six Kamekhs, twelve Drakhri, six Sartha and three Hhriss. For the next three minutes the Tarvakh and Snakeirs launch an additional wing every sixty seconds for as long as they are alive.

They are: Wave 1 - Tarvakh (six Sartha piloted by Drakhai), Snakeir (A) (six Jalkehi), Snakeir (B) (three Drakhri) Wave 2 - Tarvakh (six Drakhri), Snakeir (A) (three Jalkehi), Snakeir (B) (three Krants) Wave 3 - Tarvakh (six Hhriss piloted by Drakhai), Snakeir (A) (three Krants), Snakeir (B) (three Krants)

There is, however, a limit to the number of Kilrathi fighters that can be in spcae at any one time: If there are less than 4 Confed fighters left - 8 Kilrathi fighters. If there are more than 4 Confed fighters left - 2x the number of Confed fighters still in space. The mission is recalled when the Tarvakh loses three vital components (either two bridges and an engine or a bridge and two engines), the strike force runs out of torpedoes, or all bombers have been expended. You can destroy the Tarvakh, you must be careful with all of your torpedoes to make sure they all get hits.

If the Tarvakh is destroyed the mission is a success, otherwise it is a failure. Completely destroying the Hakaga has long-lasting effects as well. If the Tarvakh is only damaged, it retreats to Kilrathi space in the company of the two Snakeirs. If it is destroyed these Snakeirs remain with the Kilrathi fleet and add their fighters to later missions, notably in Episode 5.