Episode 4 - Winning Mission 6B - Torpedo Deliveries

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Torpedo Deliveries
Date 2668.363.2340
Fighter Rapier, Sabre or Crossbow
Wingmen Sparrow and Vixen (Rapier)
Saxman and Raider (Sabre or Crossbow)
Other Friendly Ships 3 wings of Rapiers, 1 wing of Crossbows, 1 wing of Morningstars, 1 wing of Sabres
  • Primary
    • Destroy Hakaga-class Supercarrier
  • Secondary
    • Destroy or damage Snakeir-class carrier (A)
    • Destroy or damage Snakeir-class carrier (B
    • Destroy or damage as many escort vessels as possible
Previous Episode 4 - Winning Mission 5 - Clearing the Path
Next Episode 4 - Winning Mission 7 - Moskva's Endgame

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: Captain. As you know, our main strike force has run into very serious trouble. That defence screen has been virtually wiped out by our forces, but we lost a significant fraction of our ships along the way. So, we gotta accelerate our schedule a bit - you have to launch the follow-up strike immediately. The second wave from the Concordia is already on the way, so there's simply no time to lose. Are you up to it?

Bradshaw: Count on it, Commodore.

Reismann: Good. Just one other thing I want you to be clear about. It's their carriers we want to bag. Stay focused... remember, you can kill as many destroyers or frigates as you like, but their carriers will still keep going. But take out the carriers, and the rest of their fleet will retreat. Good luck... and make the bastards pay!

Bradshaw: Oh, we will, sir!

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission is the same as Episode 4 - Winning Mission 6A - Torpedo Delivery except that there is an additional intercept nav with capships from M5 that were not destroyed. The player retains the ability to choose from the three ships choices in the other variant.

Until all Kilrathi capships have been destroyed, ejection at Target Area NAV means capture. Everywhere else, ejection is safe at any time.

The intercept nav consists of: three Targu IIs, one Ralatha, six Sartha and six Krants. After nine of the enemies are destroyed the following ships appear: three Sartha and six Drakhri.

The Target Area Nav is the same.

If the Tarvakh is destroyed the mission is a success, otherwise it is a failure.