Episode 3 - Winning Mission 1 - Battle of Verdun

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Battle of Verdun
Date 2668.358.1932
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Sparrow and Spoons/Longshot
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Rapiers, 1 wing of Sabres (Verdun CAP)
  • Primary
    • Protect the Verdun
Previous Episode 2 - Mission 4A - Ralatha Strike OR Episode 2 - Mission 4B - Ralatha Strike
Next Episode 3 - Winning Mission 2 - Lashing Out

Preflight Conversations


There is no briefing. This mission is a scramble

Mission Layout

  • Verdun Nav

Player Notes

As you jump into Warsaw, the battle has already begun. TCS Verdun is being attacked and your job is to defend it from further harm. You fly a Rapier in this mission. It has much better shields than anything you’ve flown before as well as being maneuverable and fast. If you rescued Sparrow in the Prologue your wingmen are Sparrow and Longshot, if not, Spoons and Sparrow.

Fifteen seconds after you arrive at the Verdun the action begins. The first wave consists of nine Sartha and nine Drakhri. Neither of these fighters carry torpedoes so you should let the other friendly fighters take care of them.

It is recommended to stick close to the Verdun so that when torpedo bombers do appear you can place yourself between them and the Verdun quickly.

Seventy-five seconds after arrival, six Krants and three Grikath appear at the edge of the nav point. The Grikaths target is the Verdun. They should be your primary targets.

One minute after the previous wave, three Kamekhs and six Jalkehi appear. The Kamekhs target is the Verdun, they now should be your primary targets.

You must save either the Verdun or the Sao Paolo (in Episode 3 - Winning Mission 4 - Destroyer Rescue) to stay on the winning path in Episode 4.