Episode 2 - Mission 5 - Carrier Charge

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Carrier Charge
Date 2668.357.0735
Fighter Gladius
Wingmen Saxman and Troll
Other Friendly Ships 1 wing of Gladii, 2 wings of Rapiers, 2 wings of Stilettos
  • Primary
    • Destroy Ralatha
    • Protect the Firekka
Previous Episode 2 - Mission 4A - Ralatha Strike OR Episode 2 - Mission 4B - Ralatha Strike
Next Episode 3 - Losing Mission 1 - Scouting Ahead

Preflight Conversations


Reismann: I can't say I'm pleased with your last performance, Captain. We should've jumped out hours ago, and that Ralatha is still blocking us. Meanwhile, the system is filling up with privateers coming through Oxford. So now we have no choice - the Firekka is on course for the jump point, and if you can't destroy the Ralatha this time, we're just going to have to try running past her.

Bradshaw: Sir, that's insane! This is an escort carrier, not a cruiser!

Reismann: Oh, I realize that. So your fighters had better provide me with an alternative. Destroy that ship! Dismissed.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

Reismann must be related to President Kruger to pull a stunt like this. You are flying a Gladius with Saxman and Troll as wingmen against the Ralatha. The Firekka will attempting to rush the jump point and get out of the system. There are a total of eighteen friendly fighters in this mission: Six Gladii, six Stilettos and six Rapiers. You need to, again, be careful of friendly fire. It can change the status of your mission in an instant.

Ejection always means capture.

At the Jump Point Nav there is: the Ralatha, four Sartha, four Jalkehi, three Drakhri, and three Gothri. In addition there is the possibility of an additional six Sartha and three Drakhri that can launch, one at a time, every thirty seconds, from the Ralatha.

Destruction of the Ralatha will prevent these launches.

If the Firekka closes to within 10,000 meters of the Ralatha, while its still alive, the Ralatha will fire off a volley of either torpedoes or AMG rounds aiming for the Firekka’s bridge. Sixty seconds later, if the Ralatha still has its own bridge, it will fire again which will finish off the Firekka. Otherwise the Firekka will make it past.