Episode 3 - Losing Mission 1 - Scouting Ahead

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Scouting Ahead
Date 2668.358.0321
Fighter Stiletto
Wingmen Trigger and Viper
Other Friendly Ships none
  • Primary
    • Patrol all Nav Points
    • Eliminate all Kilrathi
Previous Episode 2 - Mission 5 - Carrier Charge
Next All Kilrathi Destroyed
Episode 3 - Losing Mission 2A - Hiding the Firekka
One or more Kilrathi survive
Episode 3 - Losing Mission 2B - Scramble

Preflight Conversations


Well, Captain, it looks like the Kilrathi have managed to cut us off from the Sirius jump point. We're going to try running their blockade. However, we cannot do so until we know exactly what we're up against, and for that we need time. Our first priority, therefore, is to conceal the Firekka. The Kilrathi know we're here, but they expect us to move straight for the jump point. However, we'll take a different direction. Hopefully, they'll lose track of us, and we'll gain the element of surprise. So, your mission will be to scout ahead and clear our path of all enemies. I cannot stress this enough - all Kilrathi must die. Once you're done, you will rendezvous with us at our new position, here.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This is a standard patrol mission with one small catch. You are piloting a Stiletto with Trigger and Viper on your wing. This is a four point patrol with the added condition that no Kilrathi must escape.

Ejection means rescue.

Nav 1 is devoid of Kilrathi. In between Nav 1 and 2 is an intercept nav with three Drakhri.

Nav 2 has five Krants, two of which attempt to escape by afterburning away from the player. You need to kill these two Krants for the mission to be a success, otherwise it will be a failure.

Navs 3 and 4 are empty.