Episode 1 - Mission 5B - Final Strike

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Final Strike
Date 2668.220.1830
Fighter Gladius
Wingmen Macho and Junkie
Other Friendly Ships All fighters that survived previous mission, 4 Militia flying Talon
  • Primary
    • Eliminate all Pirate Base Turrets
    • Protect Marines during the capture operation
    • Eliminate all hostile fighters
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 4A – Striking Distance or Episode 1 - Mission 4B – Search for a Strike
Next Choose Sabre
Episode 1 - Mission 6A/B – Sabre Pursuit
Choose Gladius
Episode 1 - Mission 6A/B – Sabre Pursuit

Preflight Conversations


This is it, people. We're running low on fighters, but we're going to try a Marine landing in spite of it. The Marines' job will be to find and rescue the hostages. It is up to us to make sure they can land safely. So, we have to take out all the base defences, and protect the Marines as they go for the hangar - preferably, by eliminating all hostiles. The Marines, after they secure the base, will fly all the remaining Sabres back to the Lionheart. Oh, and one last thing. The Marines will set explosive charges before they leave the base, but remember, if they are unable to complete the mission, the Lionheart will destroy the station... regardless of whether any hostages are still on it. So, please, don't screw up. Just make sure the Marines have the best chances possible. Dismissed.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission is played only if one Gladius or not enough Stilettos were left after the previous mission.

Until the Pirate Base is destroyed, all ejections end with pirate pickup. Afterwards, all ejections end with friendly pickup. Flying a Gladius, you need to eliminate the base turrets, protect the Marines and eliminate all hostile fighters. You are flying this mission if you’ve lost too many ships. If you have less than five ships they will all be assigned to your wing. The maximum number of ships for this mission is five Gladii and one Stiletto.

After the Marines land, waves of fighters will appear ~20,000km out. Get them if you have enough fuel left, otherwise let your wingmen handle them. Keep in mind, you will have to escape the blast zone.

The remainder of this mission plays out like Episode 1 - Mission 5A - Storming the Rock.