Episode 1 - Mission 4B - Search for a Strike

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Search for a Strike
Date 2668.220.1400
Fighter Stiletto
Wingmen Longshot and Macho
Other Friendly Ships 1 Stiletto, 2 Gladius wings
  • Primary
    • Escort the Lionheart to Nav 1
    • Locate Pirate Base
  • Hidden Primary
    • Escort Lionheart to final staging area
  • Hidden Secondary
    • Search Intercept NAV for hostiles
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 3A – Finding the Rock or Episode 1 - Mission 3B - Jump Point Defense
Next Preserve your forces
Episode 1 - Mission 5A - Storming the Rock
Lose too many fighters
Episode 1 - Mission 5B - Final Strike
Join the pirates

Preflight Conversations

There are no conversations before this mission.


This mission is not going to be short, and it's not going to be easy. Our mission now is to escort the Lionheart to a position near the pirate base. It is from this position that we'll stage the assault on the base. There is a small glitch in this plan however - we still don't actually know where that base is. So, here's how it goes. First, we'll escort the Lionheart to NAV 1. Then I will lead the Stilettos on a recon mission, checking these three navpoints. Once we find the base, we'll return to NAV 1. Finally, we will escort the Lionheart to a position closer to the base.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission is only flown if you fail to find the pirate base in 3 A/B. You now have to escort the Lionheart, find the pirate base, then escort the Lionheart to the final staging area. You are flying a Stiletto along with the normal three additional wings. Your wingmen are Longshot and Macho.

Unless the Lionheart is destroyed, most ejections result in friendly pickup. The exception is Intercept Nav.

At Nav 1 you find one Sabre and two Talons. Ten seconds later one Sabre, four Tarsus and twelve Talon appear behind the Lionheart.

Nav 2 has asteroids and a Tarsus smuggler encounter. This leads to an encounter with six pirate Tarsus.

Nav 3 is devoid of everything except asteroids.

Nav 4 has the Asteroid Base along with a large amount of Talons flying CAP. You are ordered to retreat upon arriving at this nav. After returning to the Lionheart you are told of a hostile contact. This begins the Squealer engagement listed in Episode 1 - Mission 4A - Striking Distance