Episode 1 - Mission 6A/B - Sabre Pursuit

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Sabre Pursuit
Date 2668.220.1923
Fighter Sabre/Gladius
Wingmen none
Other Friendly Ships none
  • Primary
    • Bring in or destroy the stolen Sabre
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 1 – Nexus Sweep
Next Chose Gladius
Episode 1 - Mission 7 – Sabre Pursuit
Chose Sabre
Episode 2 - Mission 1 - Family Reunion

Preflight Conversations


There is no briefing. This mission is a scramble.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

The Sabre has made a beeline for the Famine jump point. Your job is to find and bring in or destroy the Sabre. In variant A you’ve chosen the Gladius and is actually two separate missions (6A and 7). After arriving at the jump point you are told that jump signatures indicate that the Sabre recently jumped into Famine. You are told to follow.

If the player chooses the Sabre, they catch the fleeing Sabre at the jump point and do not jump into Famine. You fly alone in this mission.

All ejections end with friendly pickup.